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The benefits of chocolate

The trend «Red wine every day» has been replaced by a passion for the beneficial properties of chocolate.

Many products that were once considered harmful are now rehabilitated by science and even recognized as a must have in the daily diet — including chocolate.

Studies have shown that chocolate contains a number of substances that are necessary for health — both physical and psychoemotional. True, it only works with good dark chocolate, which is distinguished by its high cocoa content.

Because it is cocoa that makes chocolate a “healthy” product.

White and milk chocolate contain not so much cocoa, but fats and sugars are so much in them that they turn into a real calorie bomb.

A piece of chocolate weighing 40 g contains approximately the same amount of phenols as in a glass of red wine.

Namely, phenols, due to the grape seed present in red wine, are extremely necessary for our body.
The study, published in the most authoritative medical journal The Lancet, emphasizes that the substances contained in chocolate and red wine are particularly effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Who knows: maybe an evening spent with a glass of red wine accompanied by good chocolate helps to prolong life?

In any case, there are some reasons for this.

Chocolate contains a number of powerful antioxidants that protect our body from cell destruction, oxidative processes in tissues, aging and diseases.

In particular, chocolate reduces the harmful effects on the body cholesterol.

And the immune system receives the required amount of polyphenols, as a result of which the general resistance of the organism to diseases increases.

The only minus of “healthy chocolate” may seem to be an increased content of saturated fatty acids, which are not at all useful substances.

But here is not so scary.

Basically, the composition of saturated dark chocolate fatty acids includes stearic acid, which is considered more or less beneficial for the body.

Japanese scientists are working to isolate active substances from cocoa to use them as ingredients of functional nutrition: that is, one that brings us not only calories, but also benefits not worse than drugs.

In particular, they are interested in two antioxidants: epicatechin and catechin, which are particularly effective in affecting cell membranes.

The advantages of chocolate are also obvious because, due to their high cocoa content, it is a rich source of various vitamins and minerals.

A few squares of dark chocolate can make up for magnesium deficiency.

This trace element is needed to build muscle mass, energy production during exercise, as well as proper operation of the nervous system and a variety of metabolic processes.

In addition, chocolate is a good source of copper, which enhances the natural protective abilities of the skin, prevents the development of cardiovascular and cancer diseases and provides a healthy complexion.

And there is a lot of chocolate in fluoride, phosphates and tannins, which compensates for the harmful effects on the teeth of the sugar that it contains.

And finally, chocolate just uplifting, and this has a scientific explanation.

A special balance of carbohydrates and protein in chocolate contributes to the production of serotonin — a stress relieving substance.

Chocolate also contains substances that have an effect similar to marijuana: they help the brain to function in a relaxed manner. Chocolate has a double pleasant effect on the mental state of a person: it helps the body to relax and at the same time stimulates it. Stimulation is partly reflected in an increase in blood sugar levels, and in part in direct effects on the brain of a theobromine substance similar to caffeine.

Chocolate is the most suitable option for snacking, if it is necessary to relieve stress and at the same time slightly stimulate the brain: practically a magic wand for students and knowledge workers.

Chocolate contains a lot of fat, so you should not eat it with tiles, so as not to destroy the figure. However, chocolate does not represent such a threat to the waist, as it may seem at first glance.

Studies have shown that a significant portion of the fat present in chocolate is not digested in the intestines.

In order not to miss with “harmless” chocolate for a figure, choose the one in which cocoa is not less than 70%, and milk is the bare minimum. And try to see chocolate in an unexpected perspective: it is not only a mono-product and an afternoon dessert, it is also a good option for breakfast. If you combine a square of dark chocolate with a slice of whole-grain bread, you will want to eat after such a sandwich soon — thanks to the right combination of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Not to mention the fact that the morning after such breakfast definitely seems not so dim as usual.

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