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Thalassotherapy for the back

Thalassotherapy, like Aphrodite, comes out of the foam of the sea — along with algae and mud. In them — the abyss of minerals, trace elements, salts, organic compounds and biologically active substances.

And sea water allows all these beneficial ingredients to get where they are needed.

Serge Rolik, President of the Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo hotel on the Atlantic coast of France: “Sea water is similar in composition to blood plasma.

Therefore, it easily penetrates the cells, improving their metabolism, supplying oxygen and nutrients.

And it is also very important for the removal of toxins from the muscles. «

All marine procedures improve blood circulation and relieve muscle spasm. If mud, then warm applications or massage with them.

If the algae, then wraps, baths and massage again.

Irina Milovanova, director of the Baltic Beach Hotel spa complex in Jurmala: “We have a“ Weightlessness condition ”spa program with seaweed wrapping.

During this procedure, all the muscles of the body relax, all the spinal clamps, and the active biochemical effects of algae increase the effect. «

And if sea water, then heated, which relaxes the muscles.

In it, even those for whom kneading the back on land is too painful, undergo a full course of massage: underwater.

Thalassotherapy — this is not only seafood, but also an army of kinesiologists and physiotherapists.

Therefore, how long the course would not be, it consists not only of massage, but also of physical therapy — on land or in a pool with the same sea water. For example, in Thermes Marins de Saint Malo During the 6-day program, in addition to the talasso procedure itself, there are 3 sessions of therapeutic gymnastics, 3 sessions of kinesitherapy in the pool and 6 similar “land” sessions.

A weekly or two-week course is usually recommended, but even within the framework of a weekend, several sessions of physical gymnastics return your lost health to your back.

Of course, it is better to consume marine specialties right at the place of origin, but thalassotherapy possible not only in their homeland. And dirt, and algae, and sea salt are transported to regions far from the sea, in pure form or as part of cosmetics.

Therefore, for thalassotherapy go to say in Switzerland, where SPA is traditionally at a height — for example, in St. Moritz.

In the oldest hotel at this resort Kulm Hotel St.

Moritz doing thalasso procedures based on French and Polynesian seafood: we recommend a hot tub with algae and a wrap with Atlantic sea mud Mont Saint Michel, with muscle relaxant, analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. With tension and back pain, local applications are good (chronic manifestations will require a course of 5-10 wraps). And the Polynesian massage with hot compresses, filled with algae.

Algae swollen from moist heat produce a pleasant gel-like substance, according to which the masseur works on the meridians, relieving tension in the back.
Learn more about the tourist opportunities in Switzerland, including SPA resorts, here: Eyes of the witness

However, it is possible to find opportunities for talasso recovery of the back and much closer.

For example, in a resort in Sestroretsk, where is the sanatorium founded at the end of the XIX century.

He specializes in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, offers a weekly program “Healthy Spine” and makes extensive use of local mud in applications and massages.

Or, no matter how trite, on Black Sea, and not even in season: for example, in a sanatorium «Actor» There is a 24-meter swimming pool with heated sea water.

It also offers underwater spine traction, various sea water baths, algal wraps and massages.

Meanwhile, lovers of recovery programs at home need to be prepared for the fact that the Russian rich traditions of spa treatment often coexist with a poor range of talasso procedures that have not changed for decades.

And also with water supply on schedule, lines in the pool with sea or mineral water and very scarce information about programs and procedures, because of which the decision to choose a sanatorium often has to be made with closed eyes.

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