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Thailand: what to try on

To travel to exotic countries always need special preparation.

Of course, knowledge of local food does not hurt at all.

Denis Gromov, Last winter study in two culinary schools in Thailand and an internship at famous restaurants in Bangkok and Phuket, says that you should definitely try out of local specialties.

Thai curry. It differs markedly from Indian due to the use of local spices and ingredients.

In Thailand, three kinds of traditional curry: red, green and sour.

Curry sauce is prepared by consistently pounding the ingredients in a stone mortar.

As Thai chefs say: the mortar itself, made of stone over a thousand years old or more, enriches the crushed paste with useful minerals contained in the stone.

Later, the mortar paste is prepared in a skillet, with the addition of coconut milk, revealing its basic flavor.

When the sauce is ready, vegetables and main products (beef, chicken, duck, fish or seafood) are introduced into it.

Thai soups. The basis of Thai soups is chicken broth. It boils a mixture of herbs and vegetables, the base of which are: shallots, celery root, lemongrass, ginger and galangal root, kafir-lime leaves.

Herbs and vegetables are boiled either whole or slightly ground in a mortar for a more complete disclosure of taste. ) of the seasonings inherently go fish sauce and palm sugar. This broth is called Thais “pure soup” (“clear soup”).

Subsequently, based on the texture of the soup, either coconut milk is added (for example, for the famous Tom Kha Kai chicken soup) or red curry paste (for example, for Tom Yam Kunga).

Thai spices and seasonings.

Lemongrass; leaves and peel kafir-lime; basil leaves: sweet European, Tulsi basil (or sacred basil) and Thai lemon basil; Kalgan root (the so-called «Thai ginger») and Chinese ginger; long chillies (red, green and yellow), Thai cayenne pepper (also used in dried form) and the smallest, but also the sharpest bird’s eye chili; young green peas; cilantro root and leaves, as well as Thai long coriander leaves; Thai garlic, which differs from Chinese in its small size and that is often used in cooking with the peel; Thai small green eggplants and their ovaries; pandanus leaves; traditional Thai shrimp pasta; Thai fish sauce; palm sugar and tamarind sauce.

Thai noodles. Pad Thai — one of the most popular and famous Thai dishes gained its fame and distribution thanks to the statesman Plek Pibungsonggram, the prime minister, who was distinguished by nationalistic and dictatorial sentiments during his reign. As part of his campaign in the 30s and 40s of the twentieth century to oust wheat Chinese noodles from the market in Thailand, his government supported the production of rice noodles, later called sen chan.

A wok cooking technique and ingredients (partly a repetition of Chinese cuisine), plus the use of Thai tamarind and lime sauce plus fried nuts — created a unique national flavor of the dish.

And you should definitely have courage and try street food in bangkok. All food is served in plastic bags, they are tied tightly with a rubber band and retain heat for a long time.

Conventionally, there are several groups of street food: something baked on coals (kebabs, seafood, snails, sausages from the supermarket, small burgers, bananas), something fried in oil in the style of deep-fried (chicken, fish, sometimes insects), soups — mainly from sub-products with vegetables.

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