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Testing British Beers: Harp, Directors Ale, Bombardier, Bowman Stout, Young — s Double Chocolate Stout

Testing British Beers: Harp, Directors Ale, Bombardier, Bowman Stout, Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

In terms of testing, beer is, at first glance, much more understandable than wine. Beer extraordinary, interesting will be able to evaluate any person with unspoiled taste and minimal experience.

And so this experience almost everyone has.

All the beer that we tasted was bottled, pasteurized, bottled («Harp«,»Directors«,»Bombardier«And»Bowman«) Or in a bank («Double Chocolate Stout«).

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Excessive consumption of beer harms your health

Lager, generally speaking, is the most common beer in the world. Go to any supermarket, so that the supermarket, go to any stall — 99% of the beer that you see on the shelf or on the counter, will be exactly the lager.

However, the name “lager” characterizes not so much the taste of beer, as the method of its production, namely, bottom fermentation.

As for taste, it depends on many factors, the most important of which are the quality of raw materials and the skill of the brewers.

In the case of Harp beer, we are dealing with a bright Irish lager, more precisely, with one of the most typical members of the Irish light Irish family.

The first thing you should pay attention to when evaluating any beer is foam. At Harp beer it is plentiful, slightly sticking to the walls.

Simply excellent foam for bottled beer.

The color of the beer itself is golden, saturated; In addition, it is necessary to note the almost standard transparency for Lager.

The aroma of Harp can be described as fresh and clean, with a clear hint of hops.

The most important characteristic of beer — of course, taste. Although, paradoxically, it sounds, for most modern lagers it is not very important, since the manner of drinking beer imposed by advertising implies its strong cooling, which makes the taste a little distinguishable.

However, Harp is a happy exception to this almost ubiquitous rule. Its taste is pure, pronouncedly bitter (which is expected after the mentioned hop attack in the aroma), however, with a barely noticeable sweetish, malt note; in the aftertaste — a slight bitterness.

In short, having bought Harp, do not rush to cool it to a shiver.

He is so good.

A special opinion was also expressed, namely: Harp is a typical male beer; men! Do not try to treat them to your girlfriend, she is unlikely to appreciate your efforts.

Eli, unlike lagers, are made by top fermentation, and if we talk about species diversity, they make up an absolute majority in the world of beer. Because in every British town there is a pub, or even more than one, and in each of them they brew their own ale.

Unfortunately, technical progress and human greed are increasingly pushing this type of beer to the verge of consumer interest, although in the argument, say, the richness of taste, no lager can compare with it.

Directors foam — thick and resistant, sticking to the walls. The color is red, almost brown, resembling the color of dark amber. Aroma — weak hop, fresh.

On the palate there is a weak, pleasant bitterness that does not disturb the general harmony.

Interesting aftertaste — long, noticeably bread.

Overall impression: Directors Ale is a light ale, with a good hop bitterness on the palate, fairly standard (for British ales, of course!), But memorable.

Bitter is one of the subspecies of the British ales, characterized by a high content of hops, that is, by definition, more bitter.

Bitter, but surprisingly charming.

As a matter of fact, among all the traditional ales, it is the bitters who have the greatest chances of survival in the pure world.

Bombardier gives abundant, very thick foam, but not very resistant. It is transparent and very dark, brown. Smell — natural, weak hop, with a paradoxical floral note.

Taste — pronouncedly beer, malt, with a pleasant bitterness, with a pleasant, quickly disappearing finish.

So, Bombardier beer is a great beer, characterized by a balanced balance of sweetness and bitterness.

Dark Porter was invented again in England as a replacement for traditional ale, a product that is too laborious and therefore too expensive.

It happened in the first half of the XVIII century, but since then much has changed — including a kind of porter, such as stout, was invented. How does stout differ from all other types of beer? First of all, the fact that the malt for its production is roasted significantly stronger.

Therefore, the stout always gives noticeably a fried grain.

What we have seen on the example of Bowman.

In terms of foam, Bowman Stout turned out to be a champion in our test — it turned out to be plentiful, thick and persistent. The color of beer is almost black, and there is no need to even think about any transparency. Like espresso.

It also reminds of coffee and the smell of this beer, in which not even a note prevails, but a chord of burnt malt with a hint of burnt caramel, but at the same time.

Taste — pronounced, rich, practically without hop bitterness, with a slight sourness, slightly creamy, with a pleasant, but quickly disappearing finish of rye bread.

Our conclusion: this beer is beautiful in itself, that is, even at the level of intention, but its execution did not disappoint.

Subjectively, this is the most interesting beer of all presented.

Double chocolate stout is not at all as rare as it may seem.

Its production differs only in two details from the production of standard stout. First, malt is roasted for it as a coffee bean, to full blackness. The second: they really add chocolate to it.

However, despite the addition of chocolate, the word “double” in its name refers to beer as such.

Foam — specific, darker than usual, with a chocolate tinge. Colour — black, as befits a stout.

Smell — chocolate, but not pronounced bright.

Taste — the bitterness is almost absent, but there is a completely non-beer character sweetness. Moreover, even the bitterness here has a chocolate character rather than a beer one.

The finish is pleasant.

This beer is very much for an amateur, and not a beer lover, or, especially, a chocolate lover, namely a chocolate stout lover.

We recommend trying it anyway — what if you like it?

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