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Terribly fun and interesting: getting ready for Halloween

There are different ways to celebrate Halloween, but one thing is for sure: this holiday allows you to play tricks, fool around and show your unrestrained imagination. And do not necessarily buy themed costumes and spend a lot of money.

We offer 10 incendiary dishes for the holiday.

They are prepared from the available products: quickly and easily.

We are all used to cut jack-o’-lantern from a pumpkin, but this is not for everyone and time.

It is much simpler and easier to cut his portrait on sweet pepper, after removing partitions and seeds.

Fill the peppers with some light green salad and serve.

Bell Pepper Lightlighter

Free time is not and is not expected.

What to do? We took a marker in one hand and a cute bottle or jar in the other, and let’s fiddle with a given topic.

The only thing is that the marker must write / draw on the glass, but instead of “kalakakat” it’s still better to draw or at least draw.

You can remember about the application.

What to pour, decide for yourself.

Crazy Drinks in Terrible Scary Bottles

This is a scene from the life of fruit. Bananas are outraged and surprised by the behavior of mandarins, who imagined themselves a pumpkin.

For such a sketch, it is enough drops of chocolate to express a banana storm of emotions and with the help of dill twigs or parsley turn citrus fruits into something like the main Halloween vegetable.

Tropical guests: screaming bananas and tangerines, imagining themselves pumpkin

Favorite by many pizza can also be a festive dish.

Cheese can help you, mozzarella for pizza is better, and olives. Put pieces of cheese on your favorite pizza in the form of the nicest ghosts, and build spiders from olives.

Bake and serve to the universal delight of consumers.

Pizza «Edible casts without a motor»

Pasta bolognese now in a new version! Pasta with meat and tomato sauce is excellent for mid-autumn, and the red color of the sauce is for Halloween.

We can help: a successful pasta recipe with bolognese sauce, olives and boiled eggs, or more precisely — proteins, which can easily be turned into huge eyes.

Wounded eye paste

Even a beginner can bake homemade cookies.

The ingredients used for it are simple and affordable, and such baking can be given any shape. And on the design of such cookies, you can work hard and give it a look, for example, spiders.

This will require bitter and white chocolate and a form for making candy. If you want to facilitate the work, use the ready-made «forms» — chocolate eggs.

They will only need to be put on the base of the cookies and melted chocolate to draw spider legs.

Eyes draw with melted white chocolate.

Cookies with crunch and shock chocolate

Spectacular presentation and performance available to all.

You will need 2-3 green apples, lemon juice, nut paste and beautiful, even nuts in white glaze. Apples cut into 4 parts, remove the core. Cut each quarter into 2 parts.

Lubricate the pulp with lemon juice so as not to darken. Soak up excess moisture with a paper towel and spread the apples with nut paste.

Add nuts in the glaze and fanged sweets are ready!

Fanged and toothy apple sweets

For desserts in glasses, you need mascarpone cream (you can make it yourself, by the way), orange zest (add orange food coloring to enhance the color), chocolate sponge cake or chocolate biscuit, fruit syrup or strong alcohol if you want to treat adults , marshmallows or pastila pieces, bitter chocolate or chocolate paste. Beat the mascarpone with orange peel, if desired, tinting the mass with a dye. Biscuit or biscuit break into pieces and sprinkle with syrup or alcohol.

Put the cheese and baking in layers, alternating.

Put marshmallow (or marshmallow) on top of cheese.

Apply the final touches with melted chocolate or chocolate paste.

Dessert «Layer by layer, and eyes in eyes»

Hamburgers boldly stepped out of the fast food category into restaurant bestsellers and popular homemade food.

Cook your favorite burgers for Halloween too, just make a mess of them.

Sandwich «Show me your teeth, buddy»

Have you or your children gathered for a celebration?

Collect themed lunch boxes as gifts.

Fill them with all sorts of things — of course, suitable for Halloween.

These are lolipop pumpkin, and cupcakes with bats, and mummy cookies, and even a piece of cake with spiders. Let those who go to visit and those who meet them there rejoice.

The scariest lunch box for a big company

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