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Temporarily available: high gastronomy for 1900 rubles

Temporarily available: high gastronomy for 1900 rubles

From October 1 to October 31 in the 100 best restaurants of the capital will be held Moscow Gastronomic Festival.

Famous chefs have come up with special tasting sets of five courses for 1,900 rubles each.

High gastronomy for a month will become more accessible: from October 1, tasting sets worth 1900 rubles can be ordered at all participating restaurants.

“We invited 100 restaurants, the chefs of which made and invented for this October everything that is only in their professional strengths to attract the attention of sophisticated Moscow food companies. Only the best cooks and only the best products.

No compromise. This is the motto of October 2017. Make a plan for the month and be sure that if the restaurant is in the “golden” October hundred, then a visit there will bring a lot of pleasure, especially since the Gray Goose Le Grand Fizz sunny cocktail accompanies this gastronomy festival, and the sun in the fall is already not enough.

In addition, with the current ruble exchange rate, our restaurants have become the best in the world in terms of price and quality, and the MGF is a good rehearsal before a serious exam — we will soon have a huge wave of guests of the World Football Championship 2018, ”says Igor Gubernsky, organizer of the festival.

The anniversary 10th opening ceremony of the MGF will be held on October 2 — Golden triangle, in which brilliant chefs worked at different times: Massimo Bottura, David Skabin, Anatoly Komm, Nino Graziano, Adrian Ketglas, Carlo Cracco and others.

This year, the dinner is prepared by a team of chefs, each of which at one time won the title “The Best Young Cook of Russia”: Vladimir Mukhin (White Rabbit, # 23 / The world’s 50 best Restaurants), Anatoly Kazakov (Selfie, # 88 / The Theme) 50 best Restaurants), Dmitry Zotov (Haggis Pub&Kitchen, Madame Wong) and George Troyan («Northerners»).

As always, guests will be able to form their own opinions about author sets and take part in determining the winners.

Feedback can be left on the festival website www.gastronomic.ru and on the festival page on Facebook.

Participating restaurants:

45º / 60º, Acapella Restraunt, AQ Kitchen, Aviator, Baltschug Kempinski Moscow, Balzi Rossi, Black Thai, Bolognetta Osteria&Pizzeria, Brasserie Bridge, Brisket BBQ, BRO&N Pizzeria, Buba by Sumosan, Buono, Burger&Pizzetta, Butler, Chicha, City Space Bar & Corner Cafe Lounge&Kitchen, Erwin. River, Erwin. River. Sea. Ocean., Food Embassy, ​​Fumisawa Sushi, Haggis Pub & Kitchen, Hong Kong, I Like Grill, I Like Wine 2.0, Il Forno, Il Pomodoro, IVanGogh, Jamie’s Italian, Katusha, La Bella Societa, La Bottega Siciliana, Ladurée, LavkaLavka, Leveldva, LITRO, Luciano, Madame Wong, Maritozzo, Maybe., MEGUmi, Modus, Molon Lave, MoreGrill, MOs, Mushrooms, New York Steak House, Nofar, OliOli, OVO by Carlo Cracco, Pâté&Co, Pinch, Quadrum, Ribambelle Green, Rombus, Ruski, Salumeria, SAVVA, Selfie, Semper, Sirena, Soluxe Club, Steak It Easy, Tartaria, Tehnikum, The Mad Cook, The waiters, THE Garden, Touche, Valenok, Varvara cafe , Villa Sumosan, White Rabbit, Zodiac, AIST, Acha-Chacha, Balcony, Beluga, Birch, BOC, Bouillabais, Voronezh, Sunrise, Hungry — Evil, Geraldine, Carlson, Chinese Diploma, Chinese Writing Instrument in Barvikha, Chinese News, Living Good, Swallow, Makoto, MARK and LION on Rublyovka, Monika, Pub Lo Picasso, Butcher’s Cake, Wine and Goose Pies, Northerners, A Country That Is Not, Cheese, a Cheese Factory on Red October, Taman, Fahrenheit, Gull, Honest Cuisine, Southerners .

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