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Tea diet for cleansing

3 days on such a diet is enough to restore the body to vigor, to the skin — freshness, to the liver — a feeling of lightness. The basis of this diet is a special one. detox tea, which removes toxins.

On the eve of the first day of the diet refuse fatty and fried. Do the same the next day after the end of the diet, to make the way out of it smooth and comfortable.

1 day

Before breakfast
A glass of drinking water (warm or hot) with ½ lemon juice.

1 grapefruit; detox tea

Green salad with 1 fresh beet; steamed or boiled fish (100 g); detox tea

Detox tea

Boiled green beans with dressing of olive oil and any greens; vegetable soup of carrots, sweet peppers and celery root; a glass of drinking water.

2 day

Before breakfast
A glass of drinking water (warm or hot) with ½ lemon juice.

1 baked apple with cinnamon without sugar; detox tea

1 baked or grilled onion (your choice — bulb or leek) with lemon juice, salt and pepper; half boiled chicken breast and a handful of boiled rice; detox tea

Detox tea

A large plate of boiled or baked vegetables (green beans, carrots, zucchini, sweet peppers, radish, beets) with 1 tsp. olive oil; 1 mandarin, orange or kiwi; a glass of drinking water.

3 day

Before breakfast
A glass of drinking water (warm or hot) with the juice of half a lemon.

Natural muesli with 1 finely chopped apple and freshly squeezed apple juice; detox tea

Low-fat fish (100 g), steamed or stewed in water; 1 boiled beets; detox tea

Detox tea

White cabbage (100 g) with dressing of 1 tsp. olive oil and lemon juice; dessert plate of buckwheat with 1 tsp. soy sauce; a glass of drinking water.

Serving per day:

  • 1 liter of drinking water
  • 5 tsp. green tea
  • 1 lemon
  • 3 tsp. honey
  • ½ tsp cayenne pepper

Pour tea with warm water, add pepper and leave overnight (8 hours). Strain, add sliced ​​lemon to pieces, crush it, to select the juice.

Add honey, stir.

Drink throughout the day according to the schedule above.

From the variety of tea on the shelves of stores, eyes run up … We offer to choose «your» tea not.

It is believed that the body needs regular cleansing. Maybe this statement is controversial, but still.

Cleansing the body — the procedure is difficult, if only because of the diet. It seems like a detox menu.

These are very simple and quick detox recipes, which are also very appetizing. With them you can.

Algae accelerate the process of burning fat, increase stamina and help to lose weight. Yes .

In the autumn it is very useful to make an emphasis on plant foods in the diet. How and why — answer.

And who else did not find cayenne pepper on the shelves … Look in the seasonings of Chile, this name should definitely be! 🙂

Guest from 11/19/2012, although I am not Anna, I will answer you, if I may? 🙂 As far as I know, strong green tea, spicy and citrus (allergen) are not recommended for nursing. And this tea is quite strong and spicy.

Probably not worth the risk.

Guest on 11/26/2012.

By intensity, what do you mean? If the raids on the toilet, that’s all right)) At least I didn’t notice a special attendance of this zone, as sometimes happens from cleansing diets.

At work, in my opinion, it will be even easier to stick to a diet.

After all, there is no refrigerator nearby, therefore there is no temptation to chew anything either 🙂 The first day is most difficult (for me personally), because I like to have breakfast tightly, and here is one fruit tea. Then everything goes like clockwork, and you can even eat 🙂

Interested in how intensively cleansing takes place, and is it possible to stick to this diet in the workplace (or is it better not to risk it)

Anna, hello!

And for nursing mothers, this diet is suitable?

Or any other advise?

Ala, good afternoon! See my response to the comment below.

Good luck to you!

Hello! I read about detox tea and decided to try it. All the ingredients are there, but we did not manage to find cayenne pepper in our store.

There is no pepper with this name ..

Maybe this pepper has a different name.

Thank you in advance.

Hope, cayenne pepper is a spice of this kind of hot pepper.

Here in more detail — https://www.gastronom.ru/kb_prod.aspx?id_kb=295.

And sold in principle in any store on the shelves with seasonings and spices.

And what is cayenne pepper and where can I get it?

Is it possible to sit on this diet, if at the moment I have a child on Guards?

And yet, my working pressure is low and when using lemon pressure rises.

catgirl, spend this diet every 2 — 3 months or after a series of heavy feasts that happen on holidays.

If you did not manage to fall in love with raw beets at first sight, boil them until half ready, and then gradually move to raw ones.

Thanks for the detox diet!

I really liked it 🙂 The main thing is to survive the first day (for me only it was heavy and hungry + raw beets are nasty for me :)), and then everything goes easy 🙂 And I like tea (I often like it, only with ginger ), and I love fish and chicken 🙂 I want to repeat again from the new week after the preceding festivities.

Anna, how often can you repeat this diet?

Guest, thanks for the comment! The detox diet in addition to its main objectives has "side effects": in particular, it helps to more appreciate those flavors that previously seemed insignificant to us, move away from the overly bright and loud flavors that accompany animal fats and, for example, fast food. Therefore, if the beets for the first time seemed to you devoid of taste, do not rush.

Next time listen to your feelings, close your eyes, describe to yourself the taste of beets, in which you, I am sure, will be able to discern a whole range of nuances. This is the so-called conscious nutrition that helps us change our attitude towards food.

You can add olive oil and a drop of vinegar or lemon juice to beets, if by itself it doesn’t taste good to you and your stomach responds normally to acidic environments. This will provide a rich, full-bodied taste.

But I recommend you gradually fall in love with beets in its pure form, it certainly deserves that. You can add your favorite greens to vegetable soup, do not forget to salt it, just like regular soup. You can also put celery stalks in place of the root, although in this case you lose a little to your taste.

Drink water indefinitely, if you have no contraindications to health; The specified amount of water is only the minimum limit.

As for the feeling of hunger, this is a natural and positive phenomenon for such a diet.

Three days in this mode should not be tolerated.

I wish you a successful diet!

Hello! Start this detox diet.

There are few questions. Can Green salad with 1 fresh beet and on the 3rd day in 1 boiled beetroot add something for taste? Today I sprinkled some beetroot salad with OM, lemon juice and added greens.

It was awfully fresh, it was impossible to eat!

Or should we eat that way, without additives?

Just vegetable soup from carrots, sweet pepper and celery root how to cook? Only these ingredients, or can some spices, or greens? And is it possible to put stalks instead of celery root?

Can you still drink a little more water, or additionally detox tea?

Honestly, I really want to eat)) Dinner for me is really very poor, although I can not call myself a glutton.

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