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Swiss New Year’s Salad, step by step recipe with photos

  • tarragon (leaves) — 1 sprig
  • small fresh cucumbers — 2 pcs
  • 1 lemon juice
  • medium pickled cucumbers — 2 pcs
  • carbad — 400 g
  • saveloy — 400 g
  • medium pears — 4 pcs
  • cooked smoked ham — 400 g
  • mayonnaise — 5 tbsp. l

Traditional New Year’s recipes with photos are recipes for a real holiday and a great one.

For every meal, for every occasion and at any time of year there will be suitable recipes for salads. Because .

New Year’s menu 2019 can be made in a variety of styles and is devoted to dishes from different countries. .

No New Year’s salads — Olivier, mimosa and herring under a fur coat, we already no longer.

What sort of pears are preferable?

yesterday made this salad, all according to the recipe.

DELICIOUS. the husband said that the Olivier reminds us of something)))) it turned out a lot, if the family is small, cook half a portion.

I rewrote the recipe, put it in the cookbook, and for three years I dragged a piece of paper between all the sheets.

And it’s scary to try, and I wonder what will come out.

Just put together all the ingredients — this is a bomb. I am delighted with the sausage freshly sourly sweet Mmmm!

I will do more, let’s see what the guests say) by the way I made 1/2 volume of ingredients, it was not a small salad bowl. Only tarragon, if I have a small one, but I put the leaves from 3 branches, and probably a little bit more

I cook a similar salad, but instead of tarragon I add horseradish and instead of fresh cucumber green peas or celery.

One of the favorite salads of men at celebrations.

I do not add tarragon, try to find it again)) Everything is fine without it!

There are variations either without a pear, or without a fresh cucumber. Everything is going well 🙂

Recently I made this salad and, alas, I liked it only for a couple of 13 people. Made according to the recipe.

Still, the smell of tarragon is an amateur, and the pear in this salad was out of place, in my opinion.


I advise!

Angie unfortunately arugula does not fit, it is more like lettuce leaves, and smell is important in tarragon. Try adding Thyme (Chebrets) only fresh, it will also be delicious and unusual.

And I want to say about the recipe — it’s just a super salad.

Let no one be confused by pears, the taste is awesome! All his guests devoured him, and even though there was a lot of him, he ended first)

Replace tarragon (tarragon) with any spicy grass that, in your opinion, goes well with meat.

Perhaps marjoram, thyme, even chives.

And if you have vinegar infused with tarragon for sale, use it to make homemade mayonnaise.

Dobrij den! Podskazite chem mozno zamenit tarhun, u nas v magazinah ego net.

Ruccola podojdet?



The second NG in a row will do it.

I now do for every holiday! Salad awesome! the main thing is to insist mayonnaise with tarragon all night .. and take pears conference. and I buy meat for cutting immediately and straws cut in two accounts) the whole family loves this salad), especially the husband) did two times less in ingredients, and now you have to do it as in the recipe) the husband eats half a bowl before the holiday))

Loved the salad. She was also puzzled by such a composition, but she did not regret trying it!


Delicious salad.

For the Guest who left a comment 12/10/2012 11:58:59 PM There are no errors in the number of ingredients.

So this is such "meat" salad.

If there is a lot of meat for your taste, the amount of ingredients can always be varied and choose the proportion that is closer.

And not a lot of meat ??

1.2 kg of meat per salad is obtained.

Citizens, where did you see the apple there ??

amazing salad! if you do with homemade mayonnaise it turns out even more interesting

Well, a very tasty salad!

Good, tasty, hearty salad.

Made for the New Year according to the recipe. A worthy replacement salad "Russian salad".

Thanks for the recipe!

I made this salad last year for a holiday, the taste is excellent. Apple took with a sour taste.

I refueled all the ingredients so that they were soaked in 2 hours, except for fresh cucumber and apple, I added them at the last moment.

And I just got acquainted with the recipe of this salad and I liked it, I will definitely treat my guests to them for this New Year!

Happy New Year!

did everything exactly according to the recipe, but the tarragon was replaced with dill. it turned out great! salad does not flow.

I liked the recipe, only doubts arose whether it was necessary to insist a salad for two hours.

I think that a pear and a fresh cucumber during this time will give juice and the dish will lose its appeal.

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