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Sweety — product description on

Sweetie is a hybrid of pomelo and grapefruit, taking over the sweetness of the pulp from the first, the size of the fruit and thick rind, and the second — juiciness. Actually, for the sake of combining juiciness with sweetness, this fruit was bred by breeders.

Sweetie — hybrid pomelo and grapefruit, he took the sweetness of the pulp from the first, the size of the fruit and the thick rind, and the second — juiciness.

In the English-speaking world, fruit is known as white grapefruit or oroblanco; A hybrid with this name was bred in the 1970s in the experimental laboratory of the University of California in Riverside.

A little later, Israeli breeders offered their version, thanks to which this fruit became known under the alternative name. suite.

Sweet fruits remain green even after full ripening.

The content of calories and vitamin C in the suite is the same as that of grapefruit. And in the suite a huge amount of ascorbic acid, so this fruit is especially good for the prevention and treatment of colds, viral infections and flu.

Sweets, like grapefruit, contain special enzymes that perfectly break down fats and proteins.

Thanks to these properties, the fruit is recommended to be eaten by people suffering from excess weight.

Sweep should be treated with caution to those who have increased the acidity of gastric juice.

You should not eat it with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, with gastritis, enteritis, colitis and exacerbations of inflammatory bowel diseases, as well as with cholecystitis, hepatitis and acute nephritis.

Like the juice of other citrus fruits, the juice of juice is capable of enhancing the actions of certain drugs, therefore, in order to avoid overdose, it should not be consumed simultaneously with medications.

Sweets are eaten just like grapefruit and pomelo — most often raw, used as an ingredient for fruit and savory salads.

You can make jam from the suite and squeeze the juice.

Sweets of different varieties are grown mainly in Israel, USA (California) and Australia.

As a rule, fruits come to Russia from Israel, where the season of the suite falls on NovemberJanuary.

Californian puppy season is longer — from October to April.

Sweetie stays green even at full maturity. The peel of the fruit should be shiny and smooth, without cavities and dark spots.

The fruit must be quite heavy.

It is possible to store sweets both in the refrigerator and at room temperature for 2-3 weeks without damage to the fruit.

All its useful properties will remain.

There are four groups of orange varieties: ordinary — fruits with yellow flesh,.

Mandarin fruit is a valuable dietary fruit that increases appetite, improves metabolism and.

It is believed that lemon is very useful because of the large amount of vitamin C contained in it.

Lime in many dishes perfectly replaces the lemon, although the taste of the fruit is different. As well as .

Grapefruit juice — sweet and sour with a spicy bitterness. Depending on the variety.

Grapefruit — a citrus fruit from the Caribbean islands, a close relative of orange and.

Pomelo is a citrus fruit of green color, a close relative of orange and grapefruit. .

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