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Sweetness in joy!

In the autumn, more than ever, I want to pamper myself and households with a piece of something sweet and chocolate. After all, the season of summer fruits and berries is almost over, and the body requires a portion of dessert to a large cup of hot tea. How to fulfill your desire without compromising your own health?

It’s very simple: use sugar, not natural sugar, in cooking homemade desserts.

Stevia — a plant originally from South America, in the language of the ancient Maya, its name means «honey.»

Stevia sweeter than dozens of sugar (!) times, but it does not contain glucose, which means that it is absorbed by the body without the help of insulin. Moreover, in it, unlike sugar, almost no calories.

And the feeling of sweetness comes slower, but lasts longer.

This is a real gift for people with high blood sugar and for losing weight.

Therefore, more and more confectionery factories are paying attention to this natural sweetener.

Now you can find drinks with stevia, chocolates and chocolates. steviazide — plant extract. Dried stevia can be purchased at a pharmacy or health food department at a regular supermarket.

Owners of a country site with ease can grow up this plant on the beds.

The main thing is to dig up a bush before the frosts and keep the winter warm, then stevia will delight you for many years.

Sweet leaves of the plant can be used in fresh, dried or frozen form — whole or grinding into powder.

Carob — Powder made from the fruit of the carob tree

The carob pods, something resembling chocolate-colored beans, after proper processing, get a pleasant light sweetness.

This property of carob allows you to replace them in cooking at the same time and cocoa and sugar.

According to the manufacturers carob contains vitamins groups B, as well as A and D, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, copper, manganese and nickel.

In addition, this whole storehouse of microelements is exclusively of natural origin, which means it is fully absorbed by our body.

Another nice bonus for regular use of carob is the reduction of cholesterol in the blood.

And due to the absence in the composition of this wonderful powder phenylthylamine and fromamine, ordinary cocoa beans, carob practically does not cause allergies.

Small bright red goji berries (or common wolfberry) appeared relatively recently on our shelves.

And immediately found both fans and negative-minded skeptics.

The fact is that the price of goji berries is somewhat overpriced, and the beneficial effect is promised to be truly mythical: here both the prevention of cancer, and weight loss of 8-10 kilograms per week, and eternal youth. Unless immortality is not promised!

So where is the truth?

First of all, goji is quite tasty: sweet and sour, chew easily and leave a pleasant aftertaste. And if you soak them in cold water for a couple of hours, you get a great refreshing compote.

That is exactly what they are advised to use for greater benefit.

In the morning you should add soaked berries in porridge or just eat along with the resulting compote.

In English-language online resources often cite as an example the scale ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity — standard scientific method for measuring the activity of antioxidants in a particular food product). And the goji berry is a cut above (on this scale) any other available and well-known fruits and berries:

Goji 25300
Bilberry 4460
Pomegranate 3307
Blueberry 2400
Blackberry 2036
Red grapes 739
Apple 218
Banana 210
Pear 134
Watermelon 100

At the same time, goji will not contribute to losing weight «at 10 kilograms per month» without dieting and sports exercises.

And if you connect the movement and a rational approach to nutrition, then the process will go well without the berries.

The phrase “normalizes blood pressure” used in super-berry advertising should be read as “lowers”.

And it’s pretty good, so that hypertensive patients will be fine from them, but hypotensive — not very.

And remember that any, even the most advertised product, can have side effects.

So try the «new» should be with caution and little by little, remembering that goji berries can cause severe allergies, and, contrary to the assurances of manufacturers, are strictly contraindicated for pregnant and lactating.

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