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Sweden Skåne region

Sweden is a country full of northern charm.

Avid travelers find it difficult to resist its alluring mountains, lakes, mists and snow … But I must admit that Sweden attracts not only its unique nature, sights and special perception of the world, but also the colorful local cuisine.

Together we offer you Gastronom.ru to go on a trip to the bright gastronomic places of Sweden.

With us you will discover previously unknown to you side of the gastronomic world of this country and you just can not sit still!

Region Skane is not for nothing called the Swedish breadbasket.

Northern nature became generous and rewarded this region with fertile land where cattle grazes, vegetables and fruits grow in such quantities that they can provide almost the entire country.

This abundance was probably the reason for the rich culinary traditions of the Skåne region. Locals try to cook all the dishes only from products grown in their region. This is explained by the fact that the products here are of very high quality and this in the best way influences the taste.

And yet, they say that it is in Skåne that the best Scandinavian chefs are born.

The cuisine of this region, in addition to traditional Swedish dishes, is famous for its unusual apple pie, baked by the goose and the antique cake festive cake — it is baked only on special occasions. They also like to have “acne parties” here.

On such days, the main dish on the table is eel in fried, boiled, canned form.

Tegelgårdsgatan 5 The restaurant is owned by the Wallmers brothers Abby and Matsu. Restaurateurs c.

Bistro Royal At the central railway station of Malmo, from where trains depart and arrive.

Fish Market Fiskehoddor Malmöhusvägen Unable to visit the port city and not.

Bakaskogog castle (Bäckaskogslott) In the Skane region there are many castles — from the medieval ones.

Beer Charlie (Charlis Brygghus) A half hour drive from the castle among the poppy fields is small.

The small Swedish city of Trelleborg is famous for the fact that there is one of the five fortresses here.

The small town of Ahus is famous for two things: there has been a vodka factory here for many years.

History of Lund The ancient university campus of Lund is located an hour’s drive from Malmo. .

The Skåne region is often called the “Breadbasket of Sweden” for its rich harvests that feed.

Skåne Skåne region is located in the very south of Sweden. The fields here are fertile, the hills are picturesque as well.

One of the main brands of Samara is beer, the name in honor of the Zhiguli (the mountains on the right bank of the Volga).

Only at first glance, this seems to be an almost impossible task — to cook it yourself.

tasty, nourishing, healthy and uncomplicated dish!

On May 31, the Swedish took place in the residence of the Head of the Economy and Trade Department of the Embassy of Sweden (Moscow).

A very beautiful and romantic custom with buns exists in Sweden. National.

Wallenberg cutlets are a very popular dish in Sweden. They can be ordered in almost any restaurant. .

Meatballs can be safely called the gastronomic specialty of Sweden. They are cooked here from meat,.

This bread is not for every day, not to any dish. Delicious, with a complex taste and aroma,.

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