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Stylish and tasteful: testing new Joseph Joseph brand from DesignBoom

Stylish and tasteful: Gastronom.ru is testing new Joseph Joseph brand from DesignBoom

Cooks and journalists of Gastronom.ru tested designer accessories in the editorial kitchen, among which were not only familiar things — like cutting boards, vegetable peelers and hot plates, but also unusual devices — an avocado knife or a form for poached eggs.

If you decide after Gastronom.ru to have these stylish and useful helpers in your kitchen, order accessories Joseph Joseph and take advantage 20% discount on promo code jjgastronom in the online store DesignBoom.ru, as well as in the Moscow DesignBoom network until 09/30/18.

When choosing a cutting board you always want to combine the incompatible.

Cheap wooden boards are environmentally friendly, but not hygienic.

Plastic short-lived.

Glass blunt knives.

But, in the case of Cut & Carve bamboo Joseph brand Joseph managed to take into account all the details and create a dream board for hostesses.

Bamboo wood strong enough so that the knife does not leave cuts and cracks on it, in which juice and food residues can accumulate, but also elastic enough so that there are no chips on the blade, even if you use a ceramic knife.

Antibacterial properties of bamboo — an additional plus in food safety.

Bamboo is easy to clean, and a beautiful wood pattern makes it possible not to hide the board in a closet, but to use as a decor.

Thanks a slight slope of the surface and sides on the edges, all excess liquid and pieces are neatly collected on the board and do not stain the table.

Ribbed notch allows you to keep foods that strive to slip out from under the knife: now thinly cut a large piece of roast beef or soft cheese is not a problem.

Besides double sided board — with a smooth and ribbed surface, suitable for different products and does not take up extra space.

Breakfast set (Poach-Pro poached egg maker and GoAvocado avocado knife)

There is nothing impossible to cook poached egg for breakfast.

Boil water, add vinegar, spin the funnel with one hand, whisk the other with the other hand and gently pour an egg into boiling water … It turns out somewhere for the 101st time.

Special form for cooking Poach-Pro poached eggs allows you to reduce the number of unsuccessful attempts to zero: you just break an egg into a twisting mold, where it will not exactly spread during cooking and will not run away.

Equally simple and ingenious find — knife for avocado GoAvocado. Ripe avocado is probably the champion among fruits that are not easy to peel and even harder to cut nicely.

Immediately, everything will turn out to be literally in three movements: once — with the help of a retractable blade, cut the fruit in half, two — grab and pull out the stone with a special toothed device, three — hold a round part with divisions for each half avocado.

At the same time, the knife will accurately separate the flesh from the skin and cut perfect slices into a restaurant.

All you have to do is to fry bread and serve toast with avocados along with poached egg.

Ten minutes for everything — and you have a healthy breakfast on your table!

The “three in one” device — one blade works like a normal peeler, the second one removes the skin from soft vegetables and fruits, the third one cuts with the thinnest straws.

The bonus is a round “nose”, which is convenient for removing “eyes” from potatoes and cutting the stalks from tomatoes.

We tried the blade for soft ingredients, peeling ripe tomatoes — the tomato was not damaged, did not let the juice and turned out perfectly smooth.

Usually for such a result, the tomato must be pre-scalded.

Tri-Peeler Peeler Joseph brand Joseph can also be used as a mini-slicer — the blade is wide enough to chop beets, kohlrabi, carrots with the thinnest transparent ribbons, or put beautiful parmesan flakes into a salad.

And the ability to cut this gadget vegetables thin straws will save you from having to manually shred carrots for zazharki soup or fish under the marinade.

A special blade to cope with this boring task faster and more accurately than even the cook-pro.

We especially note reliable handle — it does not slip out during use, but is easily removed when you need to change one blade to another or send the gadget to the sink.

Of course, you can separate the white from the yolk, pouring the egg from the shell with the shell. And if you need six eggs for meringue or cream?

And not a drop of yolk should not fall into the white, otherwise nothing vbobёtsya!

Or maybe you are cooking protein omelets every morning for a family of six.

In this case, YolkCatche Yolk Protein Separator — an indispensable thing.

It’s simple: the separator looks like a plastic container with a deep perforated lid. You break an egg into the lid (a tine built in from above helps to do this in one motion), the protein flows down into the container, and the whole yolks remain at the top.

Convenient that separator holds up to 6 eggs at once — so you can make a blank for biscuit or bize in one fell swoop.

The manufacturer took into account every little thing here — I did not even forget to provide the container with a special spout, through which it will be easier to pour viscous proteins into the mixer bowl.

Knife Elevate twistblade Joseph brand Joseph is intended for confectionery purposes, its main purpose is the smoothing of dough, cream or glaze.

A flat blade blade can be rotated around its axis by pressing one button, giving it a curved or even shape. In the first position it is very convenient to level the cream on the top of the cake or distribute the dough in a perfectly even cake in a deep baking dish.

In the second place, cover the sides of the cake with cream or icing.

The spatula blade is flexible enough to work neatly even with crisp meringues and the most delicate biscuit.

It is also convenient that the knife can be washed in the dishwasher, because when cooking cakes, mountains of dishes are usually soiled.

Stand for hot only inexperienced cooks in the kitchen seems to be a minor thing.

In fact, it is usually coasters that take up to 20% of the space of kitchen cabinets, and often — these are bulky and old-fashioned monsters that are inconvenient to use, and it would be time to change a long time ago, but hands do not reach.

Change, do not hesitate: after all, the modern trend is to serve food on the table right in beautiful pans and baking molds, so the stand becomes an important element of convenience and design.

We immediately see that the creators Axis Opal coasters tried to take into account all modern trends: when folded, this thing does not take up more space than an iPhone, and in unfolded it has diameter 25 cm, pots, plates and pans of this size we use in the kitchen most often.

A thin, almost imperceptible stand of the three «rays» can be placed under the plates and salad bowls, for example, if you decide to have a buffet table at the coffee table.

Heat resistant plastic does not slide even on the glass tabletop, is easy to clean and can withstand temperatures up to 220 C. Such a stand looks in a gray-blue range stylishly, fits the dishes of any design and colors of the oh scale, and unfolds — with a slight movement of one hand, even if clamped hot pan.

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