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Stuffed peppers: classic recipe, step by step recipe with photos

Stuffed peppers can be prepared with different fillings, but in this recipe we used the traditional stuffing — ground beef with rice.

  • salt
  • 12 sweet peppers of different colors
  • vegetable oil — for frying
  • 350 g ground beef
  • 3-4 sprigs of parsley and dill
  • 150 grams of rice
  • onion — 1 large onion
  • cream with fat content of 10% — 600-800 ml
  • 3-4 sprigs of parsley and dill
  • garlic — 3 cloves
  • green onions — 1 bunch
  • 2 tbsp. l tomato paste

Stuffed pepper is tasty, beautiful, fast and simple, after all.

Did you know that sweet peppers are related to eggplants, potatoes, tomatoes and tobacco? And more.

Minced meat is an honorable, if not the most important, place on the counter of any store that sells meat. .

Igor, but what about step 2: "Mix rice, minced meat and onions with herbs".

Note in the recipe where no minced meat is mentioned.



Incredibly tasty, made the peppers for the first time and sooooo liked! But she made her stuffing: added more cubes of peeled tomato and ketchup on the advice of one great chef&# 128523;

Use sour cream instead of cream and a couple of spoons.

Helen, can and buckwheat, cooked in advance.

For example, I like the semolina add.

And if anyone tried the stuffing instead of rice, buckwheat. I want to try it today, but I doubt if I will spoil it.

About the proportions of meat and rice, I agree, but here everything is an amateur, for example, I used to cook 60% minced meat, 30% rice, 10% onions, and carrots. Now, a man loves more fundamentally — 80% of stuffing takes mince)) About the upper caps from the pepper, for me it’s also more aesthetic without them (I sometimes just before readiness, I drip mayonnaise on the tops of the peppers and scatter greens, grated cheese).

Yesterday I improvised and made such a sauce: I diluted 200-300 grams of sour cream in water (about 400-500 ml), added spices to taste (instead of tomato paste I added sauce from lecho, quite a bit into the stuffing itself). At first I put out the peppers for 10 minutes on the fire more simply with the addition of water (a little to the bottom of the pan), then added the sauce and stewed 30-40 minutes. It turned out great!

And by the way, before I had finished all the ingredients before filling, it turned out more gently, crumbly filling. But this option (with raw minced meat and semi prepared rice) I liked more-the taste is more saturated.

Good luck to all;)!

Appetizing photos turned out. I cook peppers without cream and do not fry anything at all.

At the very beginning, wash the rice and pour cold water. "covers" from pepper, chopped finely mixed together with minced meat and rice, carrots and onions with spices.

Put the stuffed peppers upright in a saucepan, and cut the tomatoes from the top into pieces and where there is room between the peppers. Add water to 2/3 of the height of the peppers.

Stews for about 40 minutes.

I changed only two steps in the recipe: I added raw rice and a little mineral water with gas to the mince.

Because I do not like sourish sauces — refused tomato paste. Everything turned out great.

And it is not true that the deli has problems with recipes, I have been using it for a long time and are happy!

However, all happens. This is a kitchen, gentlemen)

I used the specified amount of minced meat (400g) for 8 peppers (a kilodledge of live pepper), not 12, plus added some more rice — the filling was enough butt, but in terms of consistency it turned out rice with a small addition of meat (and I would like the opposite) — conclusion minced meat twice, rice twice less Rice was boiled for 7 minutes — as a result, in ready-made peppers, it’s not that aldenthe — it frankly crunches O_o obviously he didn’t have enough water, maybe all the peppers "were standing" then there was nowhere to take it — the conclusion is better to cook almost until readiness In general, already once again I run into a grocery store at inadequate proportions and technology blunders?

Even with high fat content cream fold.

Unfortunately, there were no lovers of curd tomato mass with cabbage rolls.

As a result, only translated products.

To shove — I do not know.

And fill the peppers — yes, raw minced meat with the same raw rice.

Sorry, I did not understand the rice and stuffing in the peppers to shove raw, right?

it is not clear why pepper tops were used in this recipe. It looks terribly not at all appetizing. The recipe is not at all important. I make tastier. extra cream. I cook the sauce like this. fry onions and carrots for rast. butter add flour fry until golden brown add tomato. Pasta Sour cream Give boil salt pepper to taste. bay leaf pepper peas. All the sauce is ready. Add to the stuffed peppers and simmer on low heat for 30 minutes. suppress with greens. enjoy appetite.

Tomato paste need 2 tbsp. (tablespoons), cream — 1 liter

Tell me, please, and how much tomato paste is needed?

Cream — 1l — is 1 liter?

Honestly, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the cream is curled, no. Unfortunately.

The fact is that low-fat cream is very sensitive to temperature when heated. That is, you need to heat very carefully, almost without boiling.

Plus, due to the addition of tomato paste, they are in an acidic environment, which further increases the likelihood of their folding.

It would be necessary either to add a little flour to the sauce, or to take fatty cream.

So no, not Krivoruchko.

Cooked for this recipe. While the whole thing was being prepared under the lid in the sauce for half an hour — the sauce was curled up. That’s it.

Sent everything in the bucket. (the cream was fresh, when buying checked).

Where it was possible to miss — did not understand.

Love it !! Amazing recipe !!

Greetings to all lovers of tasty food)))) Everything is good in your classic recipe, except that boiling rice is NOT NEEDED AT ALL !!

Thank you so much recipe!

Very tasty))) But for my taste the sauce should be twice as large!

I like peppers very much like this: thank you for such recipes.

Stuffed peppers for this recipe are just "real jam". Thank you so much! )))

Thanks for the recipe, the classic of the genre)))

great recipe, thank you very much!

Cooked and just tried, divinely!

Thanks for the recipe.

Today cooked. Very tasty!

Wow, sauce! We always in the family for the sauce took tomato juice.

No cream or sour cream.


Instead of cream, add sour cream and some mayonnaise. It also turns out very tasty.

It is better not to boil the rice and the rice does not pass. In this case, the filling is crumbly and when cooking less hassle.

I somehow tried to make peppers in the oven, since then I have only made it in the oven, it turns out tastier, juicier and the baked pepper is something.

Tomato paste is added to the sauce before cream. Thanks for the comment, corrected

Rice can not pre-boil, and so it turns out razvarisym in minced meat.

And in the sauce, I add grated carrots, stew with onions and tomatoes, plus sugar and salt to taste.

Smetanka each separately in a plate.

cream — 1 liter, corrected, thank you.

how much cream do i need? not specified

Do not take green pepper, it gives bitterness.

For the sauce, I simply dilute tomato paste with cream.

minced need 2 times more for 12 peppers. water must also be added to the sauce; half the pan should turn out. Tomato paste is added to the sauce.

Very tasty peppers are obtained. I used tomato paste as a sauce, diluted with 1/2 l of water, poured stuffed peppers and left to stew for an hour on a very slow fire (a little not according to the recipe, but you will lick your fingers) 🙂

Thanks for the recipe. I would like to clarify how to use tomato paste .. in a step-by-step briefing it is not 🙁

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