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Stanislav Pesotsky is recognized as the best young chef of Russia

Stanislav Pesotsky is recognized as the best young chef of Russia

The Bjorn restaurant chef Stanislav Pesotsky won the Silver Triangle competition and received the title The Best Young Cook of Russia.

The final of the competition was held on November 14 in the Quadrum restaurant of the Four Seasons Hotel Moscow.

Since 2011, the annual competition «Silver Triangle» identifies the most talented young people who have chosen the profession of chef.

The winners of the competition and the winners of the title “The Best Young Cook of Russia” in different years became: Dmitry Zotov, Vladimir Mukhin, Anatoly Kazakov, Sergey Berezutsky and Georgy Troyan.
On November 14, 2016, young cooks from Russian restaurants competed in full-time creative duel: Yevgeny Vikentiev (chef Hamlet and jacks and «Wine cabinet», St. Petersburg), Stas Pesotsky (chef Bjorn, Moscow) and Oleg Kusov (chef Delicatessen, Moscow).

The title of the best young chef was defined in the format of anonymous tasting dishes prepared by three finalists.

Each cook prepared one snack and one main dish. The competitive dishes were evaluated by professional jury of chefs: Ivan and Sergey Berezutsky (Twins, Wine and Crab), Anatoly Kazakov (Selfie), Mirko Dzago (“Cheese”), Dmitry Zotov (Madame Wong, Haggis, Zotman), David Emmerle ( Georgy Troyan (Northerners), Nino Graziano (Semifreddo), Regis Trigel (Sixty), Luigi Magni (Uilliam’s, Pinch), Vladimir Mukhin (White Rabbit) and Max Must (General Manager Four Seasons Hotel Moscow).

None of the jury knew which cook’s dish he was evaluating. Each participant of the final performed simply under the number, and each dish was evaluated on a ten-point scale.

As a result, the winner was determined by the highest number of points from all members of the jury.

Dishes participating in the competition:

Evgeny Vikentiev:
• Scallop, "Dashi" from crayfish and smelt, pike caviar
• Beef tongue, pickled gourd, burnt gourd cream, dried strawberry

Oleg Kusov:
• Smoked saury with turnip, mango and spelled
• Baked onions and fennel marinated in beer vinegar with spinach sauce and pear

Stanislav Pesotsky:
• Salted salmon, vodka, cranberries, horseradish
• Beef ribs, onions, pickled apples, barley malt syrup

Stanislav Pesotsky was named the winner: “I received my main cooking experience in the USA, lived and worked for 3 years in Boston and New York. Then he became interested in the Scandinavian style, the northern cuisine, in which the basis is naturalness, seasonality, natural taste and usefulness.

I try to implement the principles of Scandinavian restraint and ecology in dishes made from Russian products, combining Russian tastes and principles of Nordic Cuisine.

Very happy for my victory.

The example of Vladimir Mukhin, Georgy Troyan, the Berezutsky brothers very much inspires me and encourages me to do maximum or even more to become one of those chefs who will turn Russian cuisine into modern, fashionable and in demand around the world.

The style of the cuisine that I presented at the competition can already be tried by everyone in the Bjorn restaurant. ”

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