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Squash — product description at

For many years, a white squash reigned supreme in Russian gardens until its rival appeared — a green handsome man with an Italian name zucchini.

Zucchini — closest relative pumpkins (in the West, zucchini is even called the «summer pumpkin»). However, unlike it, zucchini fruits are usually eaten within 7–12 days after their birth.

And do not regret the size: the younger the zucchini, the more tender and tasty it is.

White squash thirty years ago he reigned supreme in Russian gardens until his rival appeared — a handsome green man with an Italian name zucchini.

In Russia, zucchini traditionally divided into white squash (which, however, can be not only white-fruited, but also yellow-bearing) and zucchini (skin color from light to dark green).

There are some differences between them.

For example, a white squash is more suitable for risotto.

But he gives more problems to the gardener: everything strives to overripe, and after all a large fruit has inedible skin and rather large rough seeds that have to be removed.

Varieties of zucchini are divided by seasonality.

The earliest ultra-ripening ripen in early July.

Zucchini can be eaten raw, pickled (you do not need to peel the fruit and seeds — they are not at all rough), cook, simmer, bake, stuff (with various fillings), smoke on the grill, make chutney from the zucchini , put in salads, pancakes or soup.

And what is remarkable: the zucchini always dutifully accepts the taste of those products with which it is combined.

In southern France with zucchini make ratatouille.

In Greece, young zucchini (the size of a small cucumber) is cut into thin slices and fried in olive oil.

It turns out very tasty.

Zucchini season starts At the beginning of June and goes across the country until September.

It was during this period in the markets you can buy real Russian ground zucchini.

In supermarkets zucchini can be found all year round.

Most often it is greenhouse vegetables.

Should choose a small zucchini weighing 100-200 g and a length of 12-20 cm.

Peel zucchini should be smooth and thin, without damage, dents and scratches. Large squash with a thick skin, a large number of seeds inside and fibrous pulp — overripe.

The zucchini shell is very delicate, so the slightest scratches and damages lead to a quick spoilage of the vegetable.

Store zucchini must be unwashed in the refrigerator in a plastic bag for no more than one week.

Overripe grown up in summer cottages thick-skinned zucchini can be stored in a dark place for several months: they lie until winter.

But in terms of taste, they are, of course, very inferior to young squash.

Squash caviar is a great idea to use a large, well-ripened zucchini. After all .

Stewed zucchini — one of the most natural recipes for this vegetable. Special.

Fritters — in the Russian cuisine so called small thick pancakes, which are fried in butter. .

Stuffed zucchini — dish, in general, simple. In addition, this method of cooking -.

Baked zucchini — a great recipe for the summer menu.

You can cook them in different ways. If for.

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