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Spelled is a special kind of wheat: its grain is covered with several layers of film. In recent decades, this croup has gained popularity again.

Spelled, she is wheat double grain, she is emmer (Triticum dicoccum) — a special kind of wheat: spelled grain is covered with several layers of film. This is related to durum wheat (the one from which good spaghetti is made): both in spelled and durum wheat — 28 chromosomes.

Spelled is often confused with spelled (Tríticum spélta), including due to the irresponsibility of producers and sellers, but this is not the same thing: spelled is another ancient plant, relative soft wheat (from which they make bread).

Once, spelled was one of the most cultivated cereals: it was cultivated by the peoples who inhabited the ancient Mediterranean; she was known in ancient Egypt and Phenicia. In Europe, spelled wood was not cultivated for a long time (unlike spelled, durum and soft wheat), but it was well known in Russia — in the Volga region and the North Caucasus. It was spelled like Pushkin Balda.

However, in the XX century, spelled was thoroughly forgotten even in Russia.

Only in some countries — Iran, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Armenia, and Morocco — they still made porridge and flat cakes from half-grain.

In recent decades, this croup has gained popularity again.

This is due, among other things, to the fact that in our time, an increasing number of people are allergic to gluten — and, in particular, to wheat.

The spelled is much less gluten than in soft and hard wheat.

Spelled produces a relatively low yield compared with other types of wheat — this is one of the reasons for its low prevalence in the world. Another reason — unlike hard and soft wheat, the grain of the traditional film spelled threshes from the spike is not clean, but together with flowering and spikelet scales adhered to it, which causes certain difficulties when grinding the grains into flour.

True, along with strip varieties of spelled now withdrawn bare spelled, grain that is easily separated from the spikelet, so it is easier to thresh it — and the integrity of the embryo and the outer shell are not violated.

Spelled has an interesting, pronounced taste, unlike ordinary wheat flour; Knowing this taste, a half-hearted product is difficult to confuse with something.

However, for the kitchen it is a rather complicated ingredient: there is little gluten (gluten) in spelled wood, so it cannot be used as an absolute analogue of white wheat flour of fine grinding: if cooked from spelled using standard recipes, cheese cakes will fall apart, and pancakes will fall apart.

Spelled (emmer, dvuzernyanka) is often confused with other types of wheat.

Once again, we note that hard wheat, soft wheat, single-grain, fat wheat kamut and spelled are other types of wheat.

At the same polba many other names: in Georgia it is called asli; in Armenia and Azerbaijan — atchar, parine, gatcha; in Chuvashia — pyri; in Udmurtia — take it; in Bashkiria and Tatarstan — borai; in Crimea — orkish, lnusnitsa.

Along with the traditional filmy spelled now withdrawn gymnosperm, grains which are easier to separate from the spikelet shell.

Accordingly, this spelled is easier to thresh, and the integrity of the grain with a membrane sheath is not disturbed during threshing.

In Italy there is a spelled geographic name — Garfagnano wheat, areas in the northwest of Tuscany (Farro della Garfagnana IGP), which is considered particularly valuable.

Word farro in Italy refers to different types of wheat, however Farro della garfagnana with status IGP (Indicazione geografica protetta) — This is exactly a double grown in an area whose borders are determined by a special law.

Peanut sold in different forms — germination grains, already germinated seeds, crushed spelled (half-grain) and half-flour.

Half a cupcrushed spelled — added to soups, creams, risotto, sauces, desserts.

Since there is little gluten (gluten) in spelled, half-flour can not be used as a 100% analogue of white wheat flour of fine grinding. If cooked from spelled according to standard recipes, cheesecakes will crumble, and pancakes — to fall apart; accordingly, recipes from spelled dishes provide an additional binder ingredient. Half-wheat bread is less friable and nutritious than wheat bread, and it hardens faster (however, this does not negate its useful qualities).

Half a loaf of bread makes excellent crackers.

In dietary food use germinated grains of a spelled.

The harvest of spring spear in our country is collected in July-September.

The wilderness is sown as a winter crop — in this case, the crop is harvested in July.

When buying half-grain and half-grain, be sure to consider the original packaging, which should be sealed. The contents of the package should not have any inclusions.

You should also study the expiration date indicated on the label.

Going to the store, it should be remembered that the spelled may have other names: emmer, two-pot.

Spelled and kamut are not synonymous with spelled, that illiterate manufacturers would not write on the packages (which, however, does not negate the high taste and dietary qualities of these croup).

To preserve better spelled, place it in an airtight container and store in a dry place.

It is possible (although not necessary) to store the spelled in the refrigerator.

Spelled is a return to our roots, our national primordial product, which is somewhere.

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