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Spelled: grain, flour, bread

Modern wheat, as it is known, has appeared thanks to such a wonderful grain crop as spelled.

Despite the unpretentiousness of spelled, she was forgotten, allowing wheat to become the favorite of the majority.

But is it fair?

Turn to the story. According to studies, they began to cultivate spelled in Babylon and ancient Egypt.

Such prominent personalities as Herodotus and Homer, mentioned in their writings is spelled. There are lines about it both in the Bible and in the fairy tale of A.S. Pushkin.

It turns out, not such an obscure grass!

Up to the XIX century, the acreage allocated for spelled was truly huge. Due to its wild nature, it is resistant to winds and rains, and diseases and pests do not bother her at all.

Wheat, however, has a large indicator of yield, and this circumstance, unfortunately, was a sentence for spelled.

All its merits faded against the background of one controversial advantage.

Only some regions have continued the old tradition and have not abandoned it to this day.

The XXI century has come — and they remembered about spelled.

They remembered about its benefits, about its unpretentiousness.

The Internet is full of information about the nutritional value of the cereal, the positive impact and the possibility of its use in many dishes.

The company also grows several varieties of this valuable cereal. Black bread, led by the CEO Pavel Sergeevich Abramov.

Products at this point in time are made only from spelled Gramme spring variety.

Spring runaway “Runo”, as well as winter spelled “Alcoran” are waiting for the appearance of the equipment: it is quite difficult to clean the spelled varieties of spelled, so the question of purchasing the proper equipment is not always resolved quickly.

The presence of both winter and spring crops gives the company the opportunity to fully use the fields and collect a good harvest.

Of course, there are other varieties, but it is these very close spelled and spelled, which were eaten back in the far-distant times.

The most important goals of the company are to convey the idea of ​​a healthy diet to the public and the availability of products of adequate quality. And what could be better than grain grown in the fields in an ecologically clean region?

It is also important to avoid the use of harmful substances for the treatment of fields and crops. Let it be widespread practice in our time, but it is not safe at all. That is why the company is engaged in the cultivation and production of organic products.

The cleanliness of the fields and the whole range is confirmed by organic certificates.

According to them, regular checks of compliance with the quality standards of soils and products are carried out.

Active participation in various exhibitions, fairs, holidays and product distribution — all this, albeit in small but confident steps, allows the company’s specialists to go towards their goals.

Black bread tries to cooperate not only with health food stores, but also with large supermarkets in order to be closer to the people.

As part of the exhibition “Golden Autumn” (Moscow, VDNKh, October 8-11, 2014), “Flour from spelled BIO” was awarded the gold medal in the nomination “Pasta, flour, groats” of the competition “For the production of high-quality food products” .

Among the diversity of crops cultivated by the company is not only spelled and spelled.

Wheat, rye, oats, barley and products from them can already be found today both on the shelves of the capital’s shops and in the regions.

And this is just the beginning!

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