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Sparkling cheap

The myth that a decent sparkling wine can be bought for no less than one and a half hundred dollars is nothing more than a myth.

We selected nine samples of sparkling wine in the category “up to 1000 rubles” and tasted them.

You can read about the criteria for evaluating sparkling wines. here.

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Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health

The foam in the glass of Abrau Durso Premium Brut does not look very nice and at the same time it falls off within a few seconds. Nevertheless, bubbles continue to form on the walls of the glass, a few, but rather small ones — that is, there is still some game. Aroma — frankly yeast, does not cause any other associations.

The taste is weak, inexpressive.

The finish is absent.

Summary: bad wine; it can be said that this is the lower limit of the quality of sparkling wine.

That is, it is already possible to drink it, but one still cannot get pleasure from it.

You can pay very little money and buy wine from a completely different league.

The quality of the foam is not a reference at first glance, but it lasts a long time. Bubbles are small, characteristic even for significantly more expensive wines.

The aroma is very pleasant and light.

Unfortunately, in terms of taste, this wine is a failure; too strong taste of alcohol.

Summary: bad wine; we hope that we just got some bad samples, because the mousse and fragrance promised a lot, but our expectations were deceived.

Foam — fluffy and pleasant, even in appearance. Hold on for a long time.

Bubbles are larger than desired. The aroma is delicate, slightly citrus, and this tenderness fully corresponds to the romantic color.

Taste — oh, finally there is something to talk about!

This wine can and should be tasted, gently rolling it in the mouth to feel the game and the bouquet.

The finish is pleasant, but quickly disappearing.

Summary: good wine; quality, but no complaints; not so good as to speak of it as an independent value, but perfectly suitable for an aperitif, where the food will be on the first roles.

The foam in the glass lasts a long time, but its quality is average, and the bubbles are rather large. Aroma — pleasant, with distinct woody notes.

The taste is pleasant, but too, and even too sharp, leaving no hope for development.

Aftertaste — short, but unfortunately, unpleasant.

Summary: medium quality wine; more precisely, it is a solid middling — you can drink it, but obviously not as a debut wine.

Very beautiful foam that settles long and beautifully, leaving a necklace of medium-sized bubbles along the walls of a glass. The aroma is very fresh. On the walls of the glass remain the so-called «legs», very expressive, which gives reason to talk about the high quality of wine.

Taste — light, drop-down instantly.

The finish is very soft and short.

Summary: great wine — and for the money, and in general.

You can drink it always, even at breakfast.

For a wonderful romantic breakfast.

The foam in the glass is kept extremely short, but the formation of medium-sized bubbles continued throughout the test. The aroma is persistent and paradoxically fruity. The taste is sharp, burning and persistent.

The finish is long, pleasant, with a palpable flavor of spices, in particular nutmeg.

Summary: good wine; A great choice to start a long dinner with a thoughtful menu.

A lot of foam, it is abundantly and quickly formed, and just as quickly disappears. Bubbles are as big as propriety allows.

Aroma — pronounced nutmeg. The taste is simple, bright and fruity.

The finish is not.

Summary: dessert drink; Any additional comments here are hardly possible and hardly needed.

The only difference between this wine and the previous one is the bright pear flavor.

Summary: dessert drink; It is also a good idea to serve it with cheese with a noble mold.

The quality of the foam in the glass is good. However, the color and density of the wine are such that the quality and size of the bubbles cannot be estimated.

The aroma is paradoxical for sparkling wine, but soft and pleasant.

Taste — varies depending on the time the wine is in the glass; in the beginning — burning and with obvious shades of cherry, after a few minutes — tannic and with shades of black currant.

The finish is long, characteristic and soft.

Summary: interesting wine; caused the most lively discussion among the participants of the tasting, someone found it a drink for pathological cherry lovers, and someone — an excellent drink for all occasions.

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