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Spanakopitta, spinach pie, step by step recipe with photos

  • Feta cheese — 400 g
  • fresh chopped parsley — 1 bunch
  • butter — 50 g
  • puff pastry dough — 400 g
  • salt
  • nutmeg — 0,25 t.l.
  • dill — 1 bunch
  • frozen spinach — 250 g
  • large onion — 1 onion
  • olive oil — 2 tbsp.
  • green onions — 1 bunch

Cakes are baked pastries. It is the filling that distinguishes pies from other dough products and.

It seems that the open cake is a new, and overseas type of cake, that’s why we call it.

It is difficult to find savory pastries, which in popularity and, one might say, popular love, can.

Mushroom pies are surprisingly diverse. And it is defined as the choice of the test,.

This cake is just something! Well, very tasty, but you need to be prepared for the fact that lovers of meat dishes may not like it .. so it happened to some of my friends .. but I like the cake madly, spinach, cheese and flaky dough is the perfect combination of all that what I love so much =) Thanks a lot for the recipe, I made several different proportions, but the foundation is one =)) a small addition: before closing the cake with the dough I added 5-6 quail eggs to it, making an indentation in the filling, and on some successful cuts were like whole boiled halves of eggs, oh Shade looks nice =) spied this trick in gourmet baking somehow, there was a similar recipe

The cake turned out to be wonderful — you will kiss your fingers! I modified the recipe somewhat — I increased the share of spinach (350 g of frozen + a bunch of fresh), and this, as for me, only improved the taste!

Very successful recipe — easy preparation, advantageous delivery, amazing taste!

Recently, I ate such a pie in a restaurant, I really liked it. I was just thinking how to cook at home.

Thanks so much for the recipe!

I am always fascinated by the pies with greens and cheese! a wonderful combination!

250g of spinach is not enough for that amount of dough. I tripled)). tasty

Tasty pie. I will cook

Yes, the cake is the most beloved in our family, I cook it often, only before the Deli printed it under the name of an egg.


Thanks for the recipe!

Spasibo bolshoe za takyy versiu Spinakopiti.

Menja podryzhka Grechanka naychila delat takoi, tolko otkritii, t.e. sloenim testom vikladivaetsja forma, smes shpinata, feti vikladivaetsja na testo.

Odna otlichitelnaja detal — po ee recepty nachinka zalivaetsja smesju iz jaic i moloka. Za schet nee vsja nachinka v dyxovke podnimaetsja i polychaetsja rymjannaja korochka. Ochen vkysno.

A Ykrop deistvitelno perebivaet aromat shpinata.

Tasty, easy and fast — the perfect recipe for a casual dinner. Only I added more spinach and a drop of garlic to it, and dill and parsley — less, but it depends on personal preferences .. yes, and it took me a little less time to bake, the pie, to the great joy of home, prepared faster than announced ))

The cake is very tasty! The only thing I didn’t like very much was the taste of dill.

But in general, super!

Quick and tasty.


The cake is very tasty, both warm and cold. I think that instead of spinach you can put more greens, certainly it will not be worse. Instead of feta, she took the usual cheese, soaking in advance.

I think with her all the same better, because Feta has a much sharper taste.

Ocheeen delicious cake. It is made simple and the taste is unforgettable.

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