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Southern Sweden with Julia Andreyanova

Southern Sweden with Julia Andreyanova. Day Four: Astrid Lindgren Park

Our author Julia Andreyanova and photographer Igor Savkin went on a trip to southern Sweden and shared their impressions with us — and, of course, photos.

Today is the fourth day of the trip: our travelers visited Astrid Lindgren.

Dreams come true!

Today we visited the most amazing adventure park of all I’ve ever visited.

Astrid Lindgrens Värld was established in 1981 in the city Vimmerby, where the famous writer was born and grew up.

Instead of breathtaking rides, there are dozens of improvised scenes where professional actors play scenes from their favorite books.

Plus the endless beds of a kindergarten, where you can take custody of beets or a salad, a farm with wooden dairy cows, pigs in teams and a huge slide-hayloft, a miniature town with human-sized houses, each of which has Peppy, Carlson, Emil and many others.

In the shops and restaurants of the park you will not find the usual hot dogs and fries.

For several years now, the local menu has featured dishes prepared by Astrid Lindgren’s characters, and what is important — only from local ingredients.

To accomplish the ambitious task, the award-winning chef Fedrik Eriksson was invited, who was also inspired by the new concept as the park visitors.

The results speak for themselves.

Imagine, in the summer season alone, the small and adult guests of Astrid Lindgren eat 300,000 pancakes and 52,000 servings of Karlson’s favorite meatballs.

Photo: Igor Savkin

“I was born on June 21, the longest day of the year, on the same day as Prince William.

I have two red diplomas. I speak five languages ​​- Russian, English, Italian, French and Ukrainian, like my grandmother.

I managed to work in various companies, and as a result I chose what I get great pleasure from: throwing words, catching them and putting them into sentences. I am lucky and I have a great intuition. I can cook, embroider, drive a car.

I love Chekhov’s stories more than anything else; I am lazy and tasty to eat.

I almost always manage to combine these three pleasures. ”

Traveling with Yulia Andreyanova:

Southern Sweden: Fika

Today is completely woven out of pleasure. We visited a real «fika».

Fika is a coffee break with buns.

See below.

Southern Sweden: Grenna

After the molecular cuisine you want simple pleasures.

And after them we go to Grenna, the oldest wooden city in Sweden.

See below.

Southern Sweden: Småland

Julia Andreyanova: "Peppy Longdogs taught me how to bake pancakes, Carlson — with appetite, there are meatballs, Emil — not to put my head in the tureen. " See below.

Macau bird flight

Macau is an autonomous region of China, a city that until recently was a Portuguese colony, the Chinese Las Vegas. Julia Andreyanova went there, which.

See below.

Macau: Day Two

The best Asian restaurant, the three-star Michelin-star Robuchon, is located under the roof of Macau’s brightest building, the Gran Lisboa Hotel, that is, Greater Lisbon.

See below.

Macau with Yulia Andreyanova. Third day

The chief of the restaurant, Antonio Coelho, is a real man-orchestra.

Forty years ago, an indigenous Portuguese went to military service in Macau and fell in love with this city. See below.

Macau: Day Four

Today we walked through the old quarters with our guide Joao.

He led us to the very heart of the city, where day and night is full of life.

See below.

Macau: the market

How can you come to the city and not visit the market!

The largest markets are in the crowded Chinatowns, where the balconies of residential buildings are covered with bars.

See below.

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