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Sorrel — product description on

Sorrel is known to people from ancient times, although in Russia it was considered a weed for a long time and was afraid of it.

And in vain. Sorrel is very useful.

Sorrel is known to people from ancient times, although in Russia it was considered a weed for a long time and was afraid of it.

Then everything changed — and from the weed, the sorrel turned into the main edible grass of May-June.

Sorrel is very useful.

It appears in early spring, when our body does not have enough vitamins, and in the market its main season becomes May.

Sorrel is a wild and cultivated garden.

In stores and (in most cases) cultural sorrel grown both in open ground and in greenhouses is sold in the markets.

Why not cook from sorrel! First of all, it is all kinds soups.

Sorrel — the main greens ingreen soup, It goes well with egg and sour cream.

Sorrel will go to cold soup — in okroshka, at Botvinia, in which it goes well with fish.

Sorrel is boiled very quickly, so it should be put in the pan at the very end of cooking.

If you are confused by the overly sour taste of sorrel, it can be shaded by nettle, beet and turnip tops, chard, spinach.

Fresh sorrel leaves make a wonderful salad.

Sorrel, again, can be combined with any other herbs — even with spinach, even with parsley.

In vegetable dishes, stewed or boiled, sorrel is very appropriate.

Mashed potatoes, he will give a beautiful greenish color and a pleasant taste with a slightly sour.

From sorrel do stuffing for pies, pancakes, kutabov.

At the same time, sorrel can be combined with both spinach and rice and egg.

Sorrel sauces go very well with fish, poultry, pasta.

If you want to surprise guests, prepare sorrel ice cream or a cocktail.

If you cook about drinks, then kissel with sorrel will be very good.

Fresh sorrel appears in the middle of spring and is available all summer.

The main time for selling good ground sorrow is May and early June; At this time, sorrel is sold in the markets on each tray.

Autumn and winter shops available sorrel grown in greenhouses.

Good sorrel — bright green color, without damage and dark points, with a strong smell.

In the market sorrel, as a rule, prozhadaetsya bundles.

A bunch of sorrel, like other herbs, should be stored in a refrigerator in a paper bag.

In shops, sorrel is often sold in pots with earth.

Such sorrel is well kept and without a refrigerator.

Sorrel is very convenient to harvest for the winter, freeze, dry in the oven or salt.

Celery is a tuber, petiole, and green. Celery has a characteristic tart flavor and.

Among spicy vegetables, parsley rightfully occupies a leading place: it can be added to almost everything.

Asparagus ripens in April-June, when the rest of the vegetables are still in the garden — perhaps in this and.

People have long appreciated the healing properties of nettle, and science confirms them: there are four vitamin C in it.

If we assume that soup is the most Russian dish, then green soup is the most spring Russian dish.

The most favorite dishes of sorrel are soups: green soup with egg and sour cream, okroshka on herbal broth,.

Sorrel soup is probably the most favorite light spring soup. He is equally good in hot and in.

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