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Sorrel for the winter

Sorrel is one of the few truly seasonal ingredients. In the summer, we are happy to cook green soup and borscht from it, bake pies with sorrel filling.

The main thing is not to miss the moment when sorrel is still quite early, gentle, and not overripe burdock. June is the time to prepare sorrel for the winter.

And then use the whole year in your favorite recipes, because sorrel in the jar preserves vitamins and summer bright taste.

— Cut sorrel carefully reassemble, remove all yellowed, damaged or wilted leaves.
— Rinse the sorrel well: put the leaves in a large bowl of water and leave for a couple of minutes, then rinse under cold water.
— Dry the sorrel on a kitchen towel or in a salad drier.

There should not be a drop of water on the leaves.
— Carefully collect the greens in a bunch and cut off the stalks, you still will not use them.

Layfkhak: Cut off scapes can be crushed in a blender and sent to freeze, in the winter one spoonful of such mashed potatoes will give an interesting summer sour soup, shcham or sauce.

The first step is to wash the sorrel thoroughly.

Spread the prepared sorrel in separate bags. Calculate that one bag is enough for exactly 1 dish, otherwise you will have to wrestle with what to do with the leftovers, because unfrozen sorrel spoils quickly. For example, on the soup you need about 200 g of sorrel.

Tightly close the bags, letting the air out of them, and send them into the freezer.

For freezing it is convenient to use zip-bags with a special reusable fastener.

Life hacking: When you take the sorrel out of the freezer, you can not defrost it, but immediately throw it into the saucepan with the soup 5-7 minutes before it is ready — so that it can boil in the hot broth.

This method is good for its naturalness; we do not add salt, pepper, or vinegar to the billet.

Such sorrel can be used not only in soups and stews, but also in sweet cakes and other pastries, if you mix it with sugar.

Randomly chop the sorrel (approximately, like green soup) and put it in a jar, tightly tamping each batch.

To do this, you can use a wooden tolkushku, a spoon, or simply crush the leaves by hand. Pour a thin stream of boiled water at room temperature into the jar while simultaneously pressing the leaves (this is necessary in order to force out the air between the leaves, due to which canned food can deteriorate). There will be a little water in the jar — it should be flush with the edges (not "on hanger" banks!).

Close the jar immediately tightly with the lid.

Cut the sorrel is not too small — so it will retain more freshness

The method is almost the same as the previous one. Tamper sorrel in a jar, pour 1 tsp on top. salt per jar of 300 ml and (normal, not large, without any additives). Pressing sorrel, pour a thin stream of water into the jar to the brim.

Hermetically close the lid.

Life hacking: Take small volume jars — 300-500 ml to use all their contents at once — otherwise the sorrel in an open jar will quickly deteriorate.

Marinated sorrel is a savory supplement not only for soups, but also for main courses: for example, for baked beets or pumpkin.

From it you can make an excellent snack for strong drinks: finely chop, mix with mayonnaise, garlic and stuff eggs or tomatoes.

Blanch sorrel: put in a pot of boiling water, wait until it changes color from green to olive, then drain the water, and press sorrel well. Put the sorrel in a jar and tightly tamp. Prepare the marinade: in the water, where the sorrel was boiled, add 50 g of salt, 125 g of vinegar (per 1 l of water).

Combine everything in a saucepan, boil a little and let cool.

Pour the marinade into the jars, tightly close the lids.

Store in a cool dark place.

Marinated sorrel is an excellent base not only for soups, but also for snacks.

An option for those who love sauerkraut and pickled apples. Sour sorrel has a very interesting taste, it will be an excellent addition to salads.

Before serving, fill it with vegetable oil, onions — and immediately on the table!

To make fermented sorrel, boil water with salt (10 tablespoons salt for 1 liter of water). Dip the prepared sorrel leaves in a boiling brine for a couple of minutes, squeeze and chop. Put them in a jar or tub, cover with cooled brine and put under pressure.

As the coil or pot becomes empty, add a little boiled water.

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