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Snacking in the open air: how to feed a child with benefit?

Snacking in the open air: how to feed a child with benefit?

Here it is, the long-awaited summer — the season of long walks in nature and outdoor activities.

What could be nicer than going with the children to the woods, to the park or to the pond, ride bicycles, play ball or go fishing for the whole day?

Just do not forget to take care of food: in the fresh air you want to eat quickly and strongly, and children do not like to endure.

While your offspring carelessly collect favorite toys in their backpacks, you are standing at the wide-open refrigerator in thought: what would such a tasty take with you? Or maybe not take anything at all?

After all, tents and cafes are at every turn.

But such food, especially in the heat, can turn into frustration and poisoning, and it is not worth teaching the child to the frankly useless and often unhealthy food.

It would be much more correct to collect a useful ration for the child on the way.

one. The main thing is to drink. Dehydration of the child’s body is very dangerous, especially in the summer!

To avoid heat stroke, it is best to take clean drinking water for a walk.

Thirsty tea is also well quenched by weak tea, fruit and berry compote, and non-concentrated juice.

2 Fresh vegetables. Slice cucumbers, peppers, celery and carrots into thin strips. Put in a container boiled broccoli and cauliflower inflorescences.

Dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals from such a “vegetable mixture” — the best that a child’s body can get in nature.

3 Berries and fruits. Hunger is perfectly satisfied by protein-rich bananas, but pears and apples are not suitable for everyone: it is better to choose sweet varieties so as not to irritate an empty stomach with excessive acid.

If your young naturalist does not suffer from allergies, then it is quite possible to take with you a handful of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries or currants.

Berries will energize and give you the necessary vitamins for your child.

four. Nuts and dried fruits You can take it in “pure” form or make homemade candy or muesli. To do this, chop the ingredients, mix them with honey, juice and vegetable oil, if desired, add dried oatmeal, flax seeds and sesame seeds in the oven, form balls or rectangular bars and bake.

This treat contains complex fats that are necessary for the brain to function.

five. Home made sandwich with boiled chicken, turkey or veal is another good option for long walks. Replace only the bun with grain bread, and use olive oil as a dressing.

Now add to your sandwich lettuce, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes — and a full, hearty and wholesome lunch in the fresh air is ready!

6 Milk products in nature — a double edged sword.

Kefirs, yogurts, cheeses and cottage cheese products are very useful, but in the summer outside the fridge to deal with them can be dangerous.

Therefore, either bring a cooler bag with you, or leave your favorite pancakes with cottage cheese and "snowball" for dinner.

7 Sweets. Popcorn, cotton candy soda and ice cream in amusement parks, recreation areas and zoos are sold at every turn. To refuse them to the child means to spoil the walk, to agree to strike a blow to the health of the teeth and metabolism.

In such a situation, you can find a compromise option. Marmalade, marshmallow, marshmallows belong to low-calorie sweet foods, they are well digested, and gelatin and pectin in their composition are useful for hair, skin, muscles and blood vessels.

Eastern sweets (nougat, churchkhela, kozinaki, halva, lokum) are also rich in vitamins and trace elements.

BUT White chocolate less fatty and allergenic compared to the “dark” counterparts.

And the last piece of advice: on vacation, just like at home, do not forget to set a positive example for your child. It is unlikely that you will be able to inculcate healthy eating habits in children if you give him a bag of nuts and water for a walk, and buy yourself a soda and hot dog.

Walk, play, have fun, eat and enjoy the warm days together!

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