Главная » Cooking » Smoothies and fresh juices in Moscow cafes: Juicy Bar, Organiclab Bar, Avocado Cafe, Coffeemania on Nikitskaya

Smoothies and fresh juices in Moscow cafes: Juicy Bar, Organiclab Bar, Avocado Cafe, Coffeemania on Nikitskaya

Smoothies and fresh juices in Moscow cafes: Juicy Bar, Organiclab Bar, Avocado Cafe, Coffeemania on Nikitskaya

Also very relevant cocktails «Smoothie» or «Smoothies», some of them are affectionately called «smoothies» (smoothies from the word «smooth» — soft), which are frozen or fresh frozen in mashed potatoes of different consistencies (depending on the status and capabilities of the restaurant) fruit, sometimes with the addition of cream, milk or juice. The beauty of these «soft» cocktails lies in the fact that, besides its obvious usefulness, they are also incredibly tasty, and charming as if from childhood. A sort of toy for adults to help cope with the offensive position of non-drinker among drinkers.

That is, as long as your comrades are typed in viskar, twinkling at the actual fact with their already dying eyes, you are very lively, with pioneering spontaneity ordering different fragrant mixtures to yourself and drinking them with full confidence of your rightness and chosenness, because the combination of utility and goodness is so rare a thing that is almost impossible.

The first juice bar in Moscow. The main pride of the establishment is the drink “Vit Grass”, squeezed from wheat germ. This is a herbal concentrate of dark emerald color, according to the action supposedly complete magic, eliminating at a time from a decent amount of toxins.

From the habit of overturning such a “stack of health,” it can vomit dramatically, but this quickly passes.

The remaining juices and mixtures are drunk without any problems and side effects.

Moreover, each belongs to a certain category of directional action, so that the guest knows why and what he is drinking. Cocktails are divided into immune enhancers, energy, antioxidants, aphrodisiacs and «helpers» of digestion. Each column is spelled out what specific substances these mixtures «expel» from the body and what elements fill.

So, immunostimulants enrich us with phosphorus, vitamin C and antioxidants, to get all this beauty, you need to drink, for example, “Vitamin ultimatum” (apple, carrot, orange, ginger).

Digestion will improve the mix of squeezed apples, olives and a mixture of oils (in fact, simple olive). Cheer up can «blast of energy», consisting of carrots, apples, kiwi, parsley.

The names, of course, are somewhat embarrassing and amused by their inappropriate enthusiasm, as is the composition of the cocktails, which are periodically duplicated, promising different effects.

But you will still feel some effect, and immediately after drinking. How to explain it?

And as in the cartoon: «Some kind of flexibility was formed in my whole body!»
Address: B.Nikitskaya, 24, p. 6
Phone: 202 64 45
Working hours: from 9.00 to 22.00

Relatively young «juice» bar, but with big ambitions.

And we, as a rule, have such combinations with blurred service. And the truth is, the waiters and the bartender are clearly drowsy.

And after a carefully recorded order in about fifteen minutes, they can exclaim: “Oh, and we have run out of bananas, let me add a pear to you” (and a guest, maybe, pears do not digest at all). Or it is wrong to arrange cocktails, so that you first take on someone else’s.

Otherwise, everything is good here, the choice of whipped and pressed ingredients is decent.

In vegetables it is celery, carrots, tomato. From fruits and berries — apples, pears, bananas, mango, pineapple, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, cranberries, black currants, blueberries, blackberries, plus such exotic as Thai pineapples, mangosteen, and very rare dragon (like a rose in tentacles) and longan (a kind of lychee).

Examples: “Paradise Kiss” — apple, raspberry, pineapple (290 rubles), “Berry Breeze” — cranberries, strawberries, cherries, black currants, blueberries, blackberries + apple juice (590 rubles).
Address: Novinsky Blvd., 8, Lotte Plaza
Telephone: 617 08 88
Working hours: from 10.00 to 22.00
Website: www.organiclab.ru

This vegetarian cafe is indecent for many years and it still remains the only herbivorous place in Moscow.

This is an indisputable advantage, but it also has its drawbacks, which are also timeless. Such as little edible dishes — especially be afraid of grilled vegetables, which desperately smell of sausages, because they are for some reason fried in butter “Smoke”. And not the most attractive cocktails, albeit very “healthy”.

Still, “utility” only with great common effort becomes synonymous with “goodies”.

For example, “Spicy” cocktails made from freshly squeezed carrot juice, celery with spices (150 rubles) or “Health” from beet juice, cranberries and lemon (150 rubles) are frankly boring in taste. In the same Juicy-bar, an apple was added to the beets, and you can already drink it, and here as a medicine, you just have to swallow it all. There are options and more interesting in the non-alcoholic card.

For example, Lassi — the traditional drink of South Asia, which is whipped from a mixture of dahi (yogurt), water, salt and spices, sometimes “salinity” is replaced with fruit, honey and rose water. Local lassi is made on the basis of kefir plus fruit-vegetables, syrup and spices, there are lassi strawberry (150 rubles), banana (140 rubles) and cucumber (140 rubles). For tomato fans, there is a standard useful mixture of tomato juice with parsley, celery root and Tabasco sauce (120 rubles).

But devoid of alcohol-containing classic bar cocktails, such as «Blue Lagoon» without liquor and mulled wine based on non-alcoholic wine tastes hopeless and sour, still alcohol to them.
Address: Chistoprudny Blvd., 12, Bldg. 2
Phone: 621 77 19
Working hours: from 10.00 to 23.00

It’s interesting that everything is not “coffee”. Smusis “Breakfast and Tiffany” (210 rubles), for which strawberries, strawberries and cream are whipped into dense mousse (almost dessert).

Milk shake with black currant «Dress code» (179 rubles, «as well as two El Niño necks made from strawberries, orange juice and lime, (250 rubles) and La Nina from orange, fresh mint and mango (230 Closer to warm days, the green cocktail “Fresh Green” — a cross between non-alcoholic mojito and homemade lemonade — made from mint, lime and apple (199 rubles) will gain popularity.

On the vegetable theme, an unusual combination of “Tommy” was invented — a mix of tomato juice and red bell pepper (150 rubles ”).

In general, «Coffeemania» holds the brand both in terms of originality, and in anticipation of fashion trends.
Address: B. Nikitskaya, 13, in the building of the Conservatory
Phone: 775 43 10
Opening hours: around the clock

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