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Sly people — a new cafe in Moscow

Modern genre called «city ​​cafe«- with all the obvious clarity and apparent simplicity, a rather complicated concept.

Over the past five years, many operators of the Moscow public catering market have opened, under this banner, pathetic restaurants with an astronomical average check, or an obvious fast food or eatery with no idea.

Perhaps, precisely in «Sly people» The concept of urban cafe is fully disclosed.

They invented «Sly» three friends who had never before been involved in the restaurant business.

Zurab Chitaya, Ksenia Kolosova and Ekaterina Akhtyrskaya created a place for themselves and their friends, with food that they love, with a cozy and comfortable interior, which is convenient for their comrades, dogs, parents and children.

In winter «Sly people» — this is one spacious room: there is always a cheerful crush at the bar, books piled on the piano, funny figurines on wide windowsills, tables are closely surrounded by chairs. In such an interior it is equally comfortable and decent wines to drink under the duck magre in apple-ginger sauce (530 rubles), and ginger lemonade (150 rubles) for an evening portion with an apple pie with vanilla cream (160 rubles).

And even completely — bring the child after classes in one of the studios of «Winery» on a plate of chicken broth with homemade noodles and eggs (100 rubles).

In the spring, the restaurant will once again begin to work a huge summer terrace, on which languidly and sultry, white wine flows like water, smells of freedom and the starry sky, and from the food all sales are beaten from lime sorbet.

Periodically, “Sly” hosts various events, as you understand, from the category of what the creators like: film screenings of author films or charitable brunches in support of shelters for homeless animals.

Xenia and Catherine are big dog lovers, so you can come to the restaurant with dogs of any size.

«Sly people» — very honest restaurant. Most honest, that now a great rarity.

Without going into details of pricing, we will inform you that here offer quality for adequate prices.

There is nothing in the menu of the so-called «new Moscow cuisine, Which has long been harassed, but unchanged in its inviolability.

In “Sly People”, among the beautiful sections on burritos and quesadillas, various curries and bright vegetarian dishes, only “Caesar»With chicken, salmon or shrimp.

But the next one afterCaesar»The position is much more interesting — a green salad with baked plums and shrimps from the grill, which chef Denis Duginov seasoned with a sauce based on honey, olive oil and soy sauce (280 rubles).

A huge portion of meze (350 rubles) can be fed to a large company — on a round tray, occupying half the table, are tzatziki from yogrut and cucumber, hummus from chickpea and lemon juice, the most delicate and delicious eggplant mutabal and tabula based on mint, parsley and tomato, plus tortillas.

Of the four bruschets, choose the one that Feta and zucchini from the grill, it is seasoned with parmesan and oregano (240 rubles). Next is the section on burrito and quesadillas.

An interesting burrito is made with fresh spinach, an impressive portion of grilled chicken and cream cheese (180 rubles). Two sauces are served to it: flavored with sour cream, garlic and thyme and tomato salsa from chili pepper, basil and bell pepper.

Attention to sauces is an important part of the chef’s corporate style, so ginger sauce comes to salmon steak (300 rubles), and mint ginger yogurt comes to ratatouille with fennel (250 rubles).

The brightest of the soups is chili con carne with ciabatta (230 rubles), and from the curry section we choose a yellow curry with sea bass fillet, salmon and mini-corn (330 rubles) — this is a huge bowl of spicy curry, in which, as our Mom, a spoon is worth it. A bowl of boiled rice also goes to Curry.

One portion of curry can overeat.

There are also yellow curry with fruit, green with chicken and red with beef.

The wine list of the restaurant is still quite small — not the most expensive positions from the countries of the Old and New Worlds.

But the restaurant sommelier assures that soon it will be significantly updated and expanded due to the bright and rich wines from the New World.

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