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Skewers: do not waste your time

Practically any normal man, as a rule, has a boss. And in the summer, on Friday, in the evening, when the man begins to yearn for the verandah and the brazier, for the meat with smoke, the boss arranges a meeting, or urgently, or some other lasting abomination. God knows why.

Maybe he himself hates the dacha, and his wife makes him dig up the beds, and the edges of this digging are not visible (as, by the way, and the harvest).

The boss can be understood. But what is a peasant to do when precious Friday is almost at the end, and his relatives are already basking in nature for half a day and waiting for him, hungry, with growing impatience? Relatives believe that meat with smoke is a man’s thing, and if so, you must not only cook but also get meat, dear.

You agree, in general, but where and when?

Suppose you can drive on the way to the store and buy a ready-made kebab — that, you know, in a plastic bucket. But this is not the best way, honestly.

No one knows what lies in this bucket.

It is much more interesting to choose fresh meat and marinate it yourself. But let me say, a normal man, because the meat must still be well marinated.

Totally agree.

But «how to» does not mean long.

Buy beef sliced ​​into steaks. Put it in a plastic bag with a ziplock clasp.

Splash olive oil there, add fresh rosemary, thyme or sage — and a few peas of black pepper, crushed by something heavy.

In exactly the same way, one can marinate meat in an Asian manner using soy sauce and lime juice.

Please note that for this you do not need a knife or dishes — all this can be done without leaving the store.

Then you need to squeeze all the air out of the bag, zip it up and put it in the trunk of the car. I assure you, until you get to the cottage, the meat will have time to marinate. It will only be fast, three or four minutes on each side, fry it over the coals, then finely chop and serve in pita or pita bread.

Add another finely chopped parsley and sauce, which one you like.

Oh, and do not forget, as soon as the meat is a little “grabbed” over the coals, salt it with coarse salt.

Do not want to publicly mess with the packages and products?

Well, there are other great ways to marinate very quickly.

Marinate the meat, ignite the grill — by the time the coals reach the desired temperature, the meat will marinate.

Here is a perfect way for lamb. Take a lot of onion, cut thinner, sprinkle with coarse salt and well podamkaite until he puts the juice.

Cut the lamb into small pieces, add the onions and a little ground grated cheese in the palms of the jeera — and nothing more is needed for a good lamb. Onion juice will significantly speed up the pickling process, twenty minutes will be enough.

Grilled such kebabs over a strong heat almost instantly.

But this method is for pork.

Cut it into pieces, put in a bowl, chop onions, add crushed coriander seeds and fill it with dark beer.

If you don’t have time to tell your wife what a bastard you almost cut off at the Moscow Ring Road today, the meat will be ready to go to skewers.

By the way, too much time is not needed for a side dish. Only it must be cooked before meat. While the coals are still red, with tongues of flame, they are not suitable for kebabs — but it is over such coals that the vegetables should be fried, and marinate them to nothing.

The only rule is: take your own skewer for each type of vegetables, since they may have different cooking times.

And as soon as the coals became “gray”, don’t yawn — it’s time for meat.

In general, on the way to the dacha you can have time if not all, then a lot.

Among other things, it will save you both money and health.

And there will be more time to communicate with loved ones.

Yes, you can also invite the boss.

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