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Simple tiramisu, step by step recipe with photos

  • 200 g mascarpone cheese
  • 2 tbsp. l flavored coffee "Montana"
  • 2 tbsp. l liquor "Amaretto"
  • powdered sugar
  • eggs — 2 pieces
  • 100 g sponge cookies

Among the required ingredients for tiramisu is soft Italian mascarpone cheese. If you did not manage to buy it, use very thick non-acidic sour cream or mild fat cottage cheese, mixing them with 2–3 tbsp. l whipped sugar free cream.

Liquor "Amaretto" can be replaced with sweet wine, brandy, chocolate or coffee liqueur.

Tiramisu is a popular Italian dessert. He appeared at the end of the XVII century, however, then he was.

Hello everyone. All those who have problems with the Savoyardi-tell you how to avoid these problems)))) We will need: 10 yolks 7 proteins 270 gr. Sugar 1.5 tsp baking powder 250 gr.

Flour Pinch of salt So, let’s start))) Yolks + 170 gr. We start to beat the sugar with a mixer at high speed, beat it to a creamy state.

Beat the whites with a mixer, first at low speed with salt, thicken a little, add 100 g of sugar and continue to beat, increasing the speed. As the whites with yolks are whipped, we begin to mix them (we only mix them slowly, add the whites to the yolks gradually, and mix in one direction) after the proteins with the yolks are mixed, add 250 grams of sifted flour mixed with baking powder (note: we weigh the flour before sifting unnecessarily flour after sieving is saturated with oxygen and increases in volume) the dough is ready.

We take a pastry bag with a nozzle in diameter of 1 cm and gently squeeze our Italian Savoyards on a baking sheet, pre-covered with cooking paper.

The size is already chosen for their shape, size is not critical. We boil 200 ° C in the oven for 10-15 minutes (we don’t open the oven in any way while our cookies are baked) there you’ll see who has the voltage and the oven and how much time you need)))

Better, of course, a real espresso, but soluble, too, will do.

And we put instant coffee?

Yummy extraordinary! Cooked quickly eaten full of pleasure!

Thanks for the recipe!

Thank you very much for the recipe!

Amazingly easy to prepare and incredibly quickly eaten at home!

In fact, nothing complicated, it is easy in the cooking process and takes quite a bit of time, and it is perfectly stored in the refrigerator (in the absence of unauthorized hacking 🙂 The main thing is that there are ingredients — it was necessary to replace the amaretto with Beyliz and Savoyardi. Well, what was biscuit biscuits — this is what took, because this taste did not get worse :))) I took the recipe to my box!

Mascarpone is sold in packs of 500g and 250g, so if you take 250g of packaging, you can put 2 small eggs or one very large one.

I never had a misfire with a recipe.

And there is no substitute for the Savoyardi, because The trick is to soak them in coffee and brandy and at the same time they would not sprawled in the moment.

Cheese is not whipped. It is necessary to beat the yolks with powdered sugar. Separately, whites are whipped into thick foam.

And then everything is gently mixed with mascarpone.

That’s when this mass turns out to be fluffy and airy.

how do you mix cheese? I have a mascarpone fat content of 82%, it is very thick and soft foam does not come out.

I live in the province.

I have neither Moskarpoe nor Savoyard. Here imported cheese or who did not try to soak and try.

Feta or 33 cows. But here’s where to get a biscuit or something to replace.

We are the identity hotstsa Tiramisu.

I adore dessert, but with eggs there are really neponyatki-two too much, optimally three for 500g of mascarpone .. I also replace Savoyardi with biscuit sticks, and I don’t notice the difference between the preparation of dessert in Moscow restaurants)

while getting used to it, it came out only from the third time, before that the cream came out watery and did not freeze well. I took two eggs according to the recipe, but this time I reduced the amount of protein. dessert is excellent! sponge cake baked itself.

In fact, the mass fraction of fat in Mascarpone is 40%, and therefore they recommend fat cream.

I mainly meet 30.0%.

"Savoyardi" bought in carefour about "Salmon"and in "Dorogomilovsky" on Kiev.


And fast! I do not the first time.

It is better to do the day before, then it is better soaked. Biscuit "Savoyardi" almost always in "Alphabet of taste"because in a similar cookie "Biscuit Sticks" it turns out a little wrong. Instead "Amaretto" I tried to add other liqueurs.

It turns out a new taste.

But I still like the classic one more.

Very tasty cake turned out.

I tried the same in Italy.

Prepare very easily and quickly. Among the shortcomings: — Cookies "Savoyardi" it’s hard to find, I bought similar biscuit cookies in the 7th continent — the cake is quite nutritious, because Mascarpone cheese fat content 82%.

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