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Simple shortbread cookies, step by step recipe with photos

  • flour — 250 g + some more for sprinkling the table
  • butter — 180 g
  • Yolks — 2 pcs.
  • sugar — 100 g
  • salt — pinch

What could be easier cookies? Ask any of us to name known types and recipes of cookies, and we.

Shortbread — a simple dessert, with which many begin their first experiences in.

I am 12 years old and I decided to bake my mother a cookie.

I once did not bake anything.

I was looking for a shortbread recipe and stumbled upon this, I decided to try it and it turned out)) Many thanks for the recipe.

I am a beginner. I am 15 years old. I cooked it myself and OFMGENE turned out to be pysynyushki only with a sugar overdraft!

Made a prescription, added hazelnuts patterned on top, it turned out very tasty, the whole family asks for supplements! We decided to bake everything together (only less sugar was placed)

I rarely cook, and in this business, to put it mildly, is not a professional. But the cookies came out very tasty.

Flour was added so that the dough lagged behind the hands — the cookie came out moderately fat and kept its shape.

AL @ LE, we did not check the recipes of housewives and do not check.

It is impossible in the given conditions of workload with own recipes, texts and projects.

If you have questions to the recipes of users, contact them directly.

To say that the recipe is bad is to say nothing. "Deli"apparently, housewives do not check recipes. Cookies fat, from a light breeze — crumbles and breaks. It tastes like butter, crushed with flour and sugar, flavored with dust from a kitchen cabinet.

Apparently, the author confused with the proportions: the oil is almost as much as the flour! I am sure that this "masterpiece", there will be a lot of lovers easier and fatter.

Also from pork fat cream will be made as a layer between the cookies.

Than not "Makarons"?!

I do not know what to do. And then came across a site!

Surprise for the sister and parents will succeed if instead of the usual flour to take the corn !!

Very nice person who wrote it all thanks!

Seeing the recipe and reading the reviews, both positive and negative, still decided to bake the children for this recipe, it was not difficult, added cinnamon for flavor, it turned out delicious, the children asked for more, you can double the portions and bake more cookies! You just need to cook with the soul, but if someone doesn’t come out with that, alas, this is not the author’s fault, but the one who doesn’t correctly match the ingredients! It also depends on the ingredients in, I am not a master, but I really like to bake, and when the children are at home, it’s twofold more fun!

The recipe is good!

Thanks to the author!

Very tasty, I replaced the oil with pork fat, and reduced the dose, the dough is remarkably kneaded and opened.

Added cinnamon. Fan and it will be all delicious))

Do not believe the positive reviews, very fat cookies!

Bad taste! It’s a pity, the discarded ingredients, now I’ll take the choice of recipes more carefully and if you don’t believe me, read the comments. Negative absolutely correct reviews

A great recipe, cooked with a child, turned out very tasty. thank!

Cookies are very tasty.

Taste of childhood.

It turned out the first time. Thanks for the recipe

Thanks for the recipe, this is our family’s favorite cookie.

The recipe is very good.

Everything turned out the first time.

Fast, easy and tasty.

If you do not like very sweet, then I would recommend to reduce the portion of sugar.

Excellent recipe, cooked for the first time in 11 years and everything turned out. And do not friable do not believe bad comments. Thanks to the author.

Chic recipe, I prepare these cookies for the 5th time, all home praise))

Thanks to the author, the cookies turned out delicious, BUT for the kids fat.

I myself ate a couple and ate, and I have small cookie molds. And the dough and in truth it turns out crumbly, but if you want you can cope 🙂 🙂

All who wrote that the recipe is bad and they did not succeed, just zhoporuki.

The recipe is simple, the liver is very tasty, thank you!

and the dough must first be crumbly?

Delicious. By the way, for those who do not have scales, sugar is half a glass, flour is a glass.

For those who have blurred, etc., the recipe says that the thickness is 5 mm, so do it and it will be clear.

The fact is that in the process of baking, the dough first conceals and then baked if it is thick and starts to flow.

I do not know how this recipe may not be tasty? decided to pamper hubby he really likes the likeness of such a cookie. delicious)))) "Ps don’t believe bad comments "

I’m not a pro in this business, but it turned out very tasty! Thanks for the recipe! If you add stuffing wakes even more tasty) Eaten the whole family

Just awful, the dough is not glued all crumbled and one butter that now do not imagine

A terrible recipe. some cookies turned out, most of them broke up and became a greasy, oily mass.

Well, too much oil.

I make cookies a second time. go into flight, not even having time to cool down.

I do not understand some of the comments that "disgusting cookies, fatty, crumble, etc." Sorry, we can just have your hands. or the ingredients are not the same? The recipe is great, tasty, simple and fast 5+

I made cookies according to this recipe but a little with improvisation, I added eggs and yolk and white, plus a couple of spoons of honey, a pinch of cardamom and a bit of cinnamon. It was very tasty

Disgusting recipe, the dough is not glued, one solid butter, all the crumbled cookies, you can’t even take it in your hands — fat alone, oils need to be put in two times less definitely

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