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Simple recipes

What are simple recipes?

Those that contain no more than five ingredients? Or those whose description consists of three points?

Or a combination of these signs?
It can be assumed that simple recipes are those that are easy to reproduce in the home kitchen from the products purchased in the nearest store, using a simple set of dishes, a regular stove and a regulated oven.
And yet, the concept of «simple recipes» is very subjective.

For someone, just baking any cake or cooking a full meal, for others, even the need to cook an egg to the desired consistency seems an impossible task.
A really simple recipe is one in which any dish is obtained from the first time both for a novice chef and for a real ace: detailed, clearly written, with the correct sequence of actions.

It would be good to do without tricky or expensive ingredients, so that it would not hurt for the time and money spent if something went wrong.
We tried to find such recipes.

We hope they will be useful to you.

A quick simple hit option of Italian cuisine for lazy summer days. However, in other times.

This dish is for those who love crispy and juicy ingredients in salads with bright, memorable.

Bean soup with ribs or sausages — the usual combination, but in our case comes into action.

What could be better on a cold, dank day than a cozy, tasty dinner? This dish is just that! .

This strudel is a real anthem to Oktoberfest, because it is made from cult products.

If you need to cook something in a hurry.

To cook such food a lot of skills will not be needed. According to the principle of cooking, sausage soup.

One of the most favorite dishes of the inhabitants of the post-Soviet space is Olivier salad. This salad.

Watermelon is very organic with salted foods, such as cheese. The recipe for this salad.

It is hard to imagine a salad that is easier to make and by the number of ingredients, and.

Potato salads, for all their simplicity, are unusually tasty — it is no wonder they are so popular in.

The famous Capri salad made from mozzarella, tomatoes and basil is a source of inspiration.

Want to surprise your soul mate? Easily.

Cooking sweets with raspberries. With this recipe can handle even.

If you have a part of the family fasting, and part is not — this is the perfect recipe. Just fry the chicken and.

Neglecting vegetables is unacceptable. Their leaves, fruits and petioles are asked to hand.

Tasty, flavorful pork sausage is not very difficult to cook at home.

Try it!

Stuffed turkey breast — no less festive dish than baked whole turkey. .

Honestly, we don’t know what to say about this cookie. Today in the gastronomic circles to love.

You can make a lot of such cookies so that they are enough for the whole big children’s company. A minimum of hassle,.

These lean cookies were born when we faced the problem of disposing of leftover dough for the Chinese.

If desired, add some spices with a sweet aroma to the dough: cinnamon, cloves, vanilla.

Sausage in the dough — not just fast food, but pastries with a history, and quite a respectable. .

Not very familiar filling for the cake — but very good, believe me.

A great alternative to purchased sausages is homemade sausages! All you need is this.

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