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Simple cheesecakes, step by step recipe with photos

In Russia, cheesecake cakes were called not only to everyone, but also large curd casseroles in a frying pan. And also — cottage cheese pies.

We are now talking about the classics.

  • 50-60 g of raisins
  • 500 g of cottage cheese
  • 2-3 Art. l Sahara
  • 3 tbsp. l flour plus for breading
  • 2 eggs
  • breading flour
  • cooking oil for frying
  • Country sour cream, fresh berries or honey for serving

Homemade yogurt is a product in whose use there is no doubt, because you know for sure.

You can, of course, buy cottage cheese and in the store, but the home is always cooked to the conscience — especially,.

Cottage cheese cheesecakes are easy to cook, there are no tricks: mix a pound of cottage cheese, one thing.

Not bad, but I would add 1 egg.

And then neither squeezing is necessary, nor to wait when moisture seals into semolina.

I add baking powder, as well as eggs, cottage cheese, salt, sugar and in the Redmont multi-baker))

Perfect. Instead of cottage cheese, I put curd cheese curds, tender cheese are obtained!))

Ale, and where in the recipe advice about "squeeze"?

Sorry, but what weight should I have to squeeze the curd?

No matter how hard I try, they go fried but not fried.

Even the spirit does not save. Mom never curd the cottage cheese, but she can make good cottage cheese from any cottage cheese. I’ll try dry or wring out, I hope it works out.

Thanks for the recipe! Very tasty and tender turned out&# 128523;&# 128523;&# 128523;

The ideal cheesecakes for this recipe are obtained with the Turkish ENT Peinir.

Houses all adore them.

Cottage cheese needs to be taken not watery, but when dry, cheesecakes need to be made small and not thick, then they will quickly fry on both sides.

Personally, I do not put a lot of flour in cottage cheese, but I roll it 2 times in flour.

Why not turn down the heat and cook until ready?

Or do not put in the oven at 100? You’re the mistress in your kitchen, not someone else’s recipe.

not fried too

Add necessarily wheat or oat bran is very useful!

And salt is not needed, feel the natural taste.

Replace flour with decoy!

And let the dough stand.

Munk will take away excess moisture.

I did not get a fig, first I fry (inside they are raw), then in the microwave, first for 4 minutes. — raw, then for another 3 min. — rubber.

It is a pity of course, but I love them so much.

For 2 packs of cottage cheese 2 eggs, 5 tablespoons sugar 1/2 tsp salt, plus semolina so much so that you can form cheesecakes, Fry until golden brown on both sides, then bring in the microwave 3-4 minutes. Otherwise they will be inside raw and if it is longer to fry in a frying pan, then they will podgoryat. Enjoy your meal!

Tatiana, how much time do you need to sit on the board? 🙂

Dear hostesses! The whole secret of cheesecakes — in the cottage cheese!

Cottage cheese is different, but no matter what kind of cottage cheese you buy (9% is very good, homemade), it needs to be squeezed from whey.

It is very important!!

To do this, lay out the cottage cheese on a cotton towel, wrap it up and place it under a press (I usually put a cutting board on top of the wrapped cottage cheese and sit on top.

Under my weight, the curd is wonderfully wrung out, the excess moisture leaves, only the curd remains). Here then from this cottage cheese do cheesecakes.

They will not be "wet", flour will need a lot less, will remain purely cottage cheese taste.

Enjoy your meal.

for my taste are excellent, for the taste of my relatives: just raw inside, and much more flour is needed.

with apple is very tasty, I added some cinnamon

Add flour and eggs, salt to cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese does not wipe.

Knead a smooth dough. And then sugar.

Spoon and separate the pieces into the flour and fry.

and if you add a grated apple to the dough, it will be even tastier

finally! how I searched for them for a long time and how many failed attempts!

Thank you very much. huge

Salt forgot, gentlemen. what are cheesecakes without salt)

And how many eggs, then?

A good recipe, always use it. Cheesecakes turn out air and juicy.

The only thing is that before baking I put the dough in the fridge so that it "took" and became thicker.

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