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Simple and tasteful: a new wine bar with a SimpleWine — Bar meal

Simple and tasteful: the new wine bar with SimpleWine food&Bar

Brand chef Adrian Ketglas, own wine cellar, reasonable prices: the institution’s motto " I’m simple but not too much".

On Neglinnaya, d. 8/10, right in front of the Central Department Store, a new wine site has opened Simpleway&Bar.

On the ground floor there is a restaurant with 70 seats with an open kitchen, under it is an extensive wine cellar with a large selection of wines (about 700 items). Any bottle can not only be bought and carried away, but also ordered to the table with a small surcharge, depending on its volume.

In the depths of the winery there is a cabinet for private events and closed wine tastings.

Marinated salmon with spicy herbs (650 rub.)

Although Adrian Ketglas (Grand Cru, AQ Kitchen) is officially listed as the restaurant’s brand chef, the kitchen is actually managed by a young chef Pavel Annenkov, who has worked in Grand Cru, Holy Fox and Maritozzo restaurants.

It is interesting that Pavel does not have a special cook education, four years ago he threw out the MSSU and came to the profession at the call of a knife and heart — his first boss was Ketglas.

Beef cheek, almond froth and stew of root vegetables (850 rubles).

The menu is the result of their collaboration, consists of the following sections: “Paired with wine” (artichokes, olives, bresaola), “Easy start” (homemade hummus salad, pickled salmon, dorada under a corn blanket with mango), “Warm sequel” (rabbit liver with celery, grilled squid with sweet potato cream, warm salad with beef brisket and eggplants), “First thing” (oxtail soup with tomato, Vietnamese soup with fish meatballs), “Pasta and rice” (thin paste with oxtails, risotto with duck and pumpkin), “Sea” (cod with fennel mousse, corbin and with vegetables), “Earth” (pork ribs with sesame kou slou, lamb shoulder with potatoes) and “Desserts” (panakota from eggplants with lime gel, pina colada, spiced pear with ice cream from walnut).

Spicy pear with walnut ice cream and cherry soup (400 rub.)

Pavel says that there are several experimental positions in the menu that cannot be found anywhere else, for example, a salad with beef brisket and phali cream, where several trends are collected on one plate — stewed beef neck, cream from Georgian phali and popcorn from chickpea.

There are also many dishes on the menu with delicate variations of pan-Asian and Indian tastes (he lived for about a month in India): chicken and spicy Thai-style risotto, sea bass with tandoori yogurt and quinoa, dorada with spicy rice and curry.

Adrian Ketglas and Pavel Annenkov are big fans of duck, so dishes with it can be found in all sections of the menu: from snacks to hot dishes.

Particularly proud of the unusual duck tartare with honey agarics and cold parmesan fondant, and insist that the bird is absolutely safe, because purchased from familiar farmers.

Favorite tartar chef — duck, honey, cherry, parmesan (500 rubles).

Wine prices are the same as in the entire SimpleWine network.

Wines are available in the map from around the world, in different price segments.

Most wines can be ordered by the glass (from 290 rubles).

Also, in addition to the main positions, there are sections «Wine of the Month», «Winemaker of the Month» and «Wine Region of the Month» at special prices.

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