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Simnel, English Easter cake, step by step recipe with photos

In English easter cupcake simnel, as in Russian kulich, add crushed dried fruits or candied fruits.

But the basis of its dough is not flour, but crushed almonds and ginger.

Due to this circumstance, as well as a thick layer of icing, the cupcake does not get stale for a long time.

  • almond — 200 g
  • ginger root — a piece of 2 cm long
  • butter — 200 g plus for the form
  • sugar — 200 g
  • wheat flour — 100 g
  • baking powder — 1 tsp.
  • 1 orange peel — 1 orange
  • eggs — 5 pcs.
  • raisins and dried apricots — 100 g
  • orange liqueur — 8 tbsp. l
  • egg (white) — 2 pcs.
  • lemon juice — 1 tsp
  • powdered sugar — 450 g

No holiday Easter feast is complete without homemade baking and sweets. Apart from.

Easter in 2019 will be celebrated on April 28th. Even before the holiday, choose Easter recipes and.

After a long post I want to eat “from the heart” — cottage cheese, eggs, meat, fish. And.

Easter cake is a special, «festive» type of bread. It is baked from yeast.

Easter sweets are not only Easter cake and curd Easter. For the holiday and bake gingerbread, and.

On the holiday table must certainly be Easter.

Easter are raw, boiled and boiled. They .

One of my favorite Easter cake recipes!

Well sooooo delicious!

Kulich in our understanding is still yeast pastries. But you can bake a cake in the form of a cake. Baking time in this case will increase, because the diameter will be smaller, and the height — more.

The temperature does not increase in any case — will burn and the bottom and top. Maybe it’s better not to risk it and bake it like a beautiful cupcake?

And the cake — like a cake?

Who has already baked, tell me, please, is it possible to make a cake out of a cake? I like the recipe very much, but will it make a cake? Will it be paper, how they sell it, for cake. Time baked, in this case, will it increase or not? smear the glaze on top and decorate.

Delicious cupcake! cooked for this Easter, turned out very juicy!

Only here with the icing and really trouble! It is insanely sweet and no one eats it, so it is better to just sprinkle icing sugar)))) or sooooo thin layer of glaze)

A bit confusing, but tasty. My all liked it.

Only icing is very sweet.

And I also made half less sugar, as it was planned to eat it quickly enough. Guests neatly peeled off the crust 🙂

For mademoiselle12000 Almonds need 200 grams.

Thank you for reading us!

Tell me, please, and how much almond is needed?


ampir: sweet glaze — you can add lemon juice and the taste will be better)

ampir, sorry for the inoperability. We counted the recipe on the form or molds with a height of 5 cm

The very same and answer your question — the dough in the baking process does not increase much (not like cakes).

A good recipe for those who for some reason do not eat yeast dough. In my vzvlyad — a very sweet frosting (and not to make another one), and still smeared on all sides, it interrupts the taste of the cake. Probably I will do it again, but no longer at Easter and without glaze — I will just sprinkle icing sugar.

The only thing that didn’t work out was to chop the almonds into flour — it turned out just small pieces of nuts.

Tell me, and the dough in the baking process will increase greatly?

And then I have shallow molds — about 1.5 cm tall.

Oh, sorry not to notice, 100 gr. Wheat flour.

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