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Signature beer in beer restaurants in Moscow: beer restaurant Tinkoff, Durdin, Brewery, Beer Brother — s, beer Schwein, club 16 tons, Temple bar pub

Signature beer in beer restaurants in Moscow: Tinkoff beer restaurant, Durdin, Brewery, Beer Brother’s, Schwein beer club, 16 tons club, Temple bar pub

Beer restaurant Tinkoff, opened at the brewery of the same name, has been operating for seven years. The huge space of the restaurant (maximum capacity — 550 people), unfortunately, does not always correspond to the level of service — the waiters are mostly leisurely and thoughtful, and the dishes here are prepared too slowly.

But their choice is extremely diverse: Bavarian, Italian, Japanese cuisine — in total more than three hundred names.

The main trump card of the restaurant is the branded “live” beer.

A choice of 5 varieties of unfiltered beer (light, dark, white, gold and platinum — from 179 rubles for 0.5 l), fortified dark (“Winter side”, 199 rubles for 0.5 l) and filtered non-alcoholic beer are offered.

For beer, you should take a mix of smoked meat (shrimp, squid, salmon, pork ribs, pork neck, chicken wings — 359 rubles).

Address: Flow lane, 11

A network of beer restaurants, known for its own beer and a rich selection of hearty homemade food.

All restaurants Durdin stylized as a Russian beer factory of the early twentieth century — spacious rooms with red brick walls, painted in explanation of the old advertising of the Ivan Durdin brewery.

Unconditional hit among “Durdinovsky” beer — “Red Cabinet” (115 rubles for 0.5 l) — filtered barley beer, which will appeal not only to the severe lovers of “red” beer, but also to the ladies, thanks to its caramel flavor.

The rest of the beer also deserves attention, and it goes for the same price: unfiltered «Bavarian wheat» with noticeable sourness and more «sweet» options — unfiltered barley «Northern Star» and filtered «Pilsen gold».

For 150 rubles you can make a sip of all varieties.

The choice of snacks for beer is very wide, and the prices are very reasonable: Dutch herring with young potatoes (245 rubles), borsch with dumplings (195 rubles) or Nuremberg sausages with stewed cabbage and pea puree (345 rubles).

The new institution, which is quite well fit into the circle of democratic beer restaurants in Moscow.

Interior Brewery designed by the famous Moscow architectural bureau, which previously designed the Stork and Borshchiv restaurants.

The restaurant brews three types of beer — light, dark and red (all for 130 rubles per 0.5 l).

True, they are attracted more by price than by taste.

A standard set of Czech, German and English beers is also offered: Bowman dark stout English is especially good at 220 rubles for 0.5.

Kitchen Brewery It has a pleasant variety, among other things — traditional sausages (assorted jerked sausages — 450 rubles), Uzbek manti with lamb and onions in a cream and garlic sauce (370 rubles) and pilaf served with a tomato salad and whole garlic (350 rubles), as well as an impressive fish menu (salmon steak, roasted over an open fire with a creamy wine sauce and grilled vegetables sauté — 420 rubles).

Address: Mnevniki, 13

This restaurant is an excellent example of a universal European beer house without an obvious “national identity”.

The interior here is decorated in a simple and unobtrusive continental style — dark wood, leather sofas.

The menu presents traditional dishes of the main «beer» powers of Europe — the Czech Republic and Germany.

Particularly noteworthy is the Bavarian snack «Rolmops» — herring with potatoes and country butter, which is served in the form of a roll (220 rubles), and the calf tongue in cranberry jelly (310 rubles).

Light, red and unfiltered beer, which is brewed at Beer Brother’s, does not stand out in particular, except, perhaps, the price — 150 rubles for 0.5 — and acts rather as a democratic alternative to German and Czech beer.

From the latter, it is worth noting the bitter-chocolate Czech Porter (200 rubles for 0.4).

Address: Leninsky Ave., 15

Schwein — This is a real student beer: brutal and inexpensive, satisfying and in a good way rock and roll.

On weekends, and especially on concert days, waitresses are slow here, but this is rightly explained by a large number of people.

Local light unfiltered Schweinfurt (150 rubles per 0.5 l) is an inexpensive beer without any frills, which is suitable for a student party.

True, we recommend that the more demanding public still take a dark Czech “monastic” beer Opat or red Irish Kilkenny (all — 170 rubles for 0.5 l).

The choice of appetizers pleases both the price and the size of portions — so, pork chop, baked with cheese with bell pepper and tomato will cost only 250 rubles, and beef medallions with cheese — 290 rubles.

Address: 12/50 Lefortovskiy

Club 16 Tons, One of the oldest and most «correct» pubs in Moscow, is the unofficial leader of our review.

On the ground floor of the restaurant is a restaurant, the second is given under the concert platform with a bar.

The interior of the pub is designed by an English design bureau — perhaps this is the secret of its authenticity.

Home-brewed beer in the pub is brewed according to a patented recipe, and they do it really well.

“Dark Double”, “Light Special” at 140 rubles per pint (approximately 0.6 liters) and “Red Special” for 150 rubles — the case when the price and quality of the drink fully correspond to each other and leave a pleasant impression.

also in 16 tons There is a standard set of lagers and stouts (from 160 to 250 rubles per 0.5 l).

A beer sandwich with bacon, tomato and cheese or Double Decker (club sandwich with chicken and salad) are both perfect for beer — both for 165 rubles each.

Of the more substantial dishes, we note liver turkey with prunes (360 rubles) or scrambled eggs with mushrooms, baked with cheese and fennel (220 rubles).

Address: Presnensky Val, 6, p. 1

The network of Victorian-style pubs: in the opinion of most Moscow restaurateurs, this is what a real British pub should look like.

According to their design, all the bars are similar to each other, the menu in them is also the same.

Local beer of two varieties — the usual lager (120 rubles for 0.5 l) and wheat (130 rubles for 0.5 l) — is quite good, but does not cause any special emotions.

A good choice of stouts and ales pleases: Marston Oyster stout in Moscow (220 rubles per 0.5 l), as well as Caffrey’s Irish ales (220 rubles per 0.5 l) are good enough.

In addition to the many standard snacks for beer and traditional English fish-and-chips, it is worth mentioning pork t-bone steak (395 rubles) and tuna steak (450 rubles).

* illustrations provided by restaurant press services.

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