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Shortbread, step by step recipe with photos

Shortbread cookies are as simple and as limitless as a base for experimentation.

  • 80-90 grams of sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 240-260 g of flour
  • 150 g butter
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • a pinch of salt

What kind of cookies can be considered childish?

First of all, the one in which there is more benefit. Speaking more.

What could be easier cookies? Ask any of us to name known types and recipes of cookies, and we.

Shortbread — a simple dessert, with which many begin their first experiences in.

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Tell me, but you need to put something on the baking sheet, paper or spread it with oil, so that it does not stick or get burnt, thank you.

It began to knead the dough immediately it became clear that the flour needed much more than indicated in the recipe (((the recipe for porridge turns out, for those who bake it is often clear that this dough is not even roll

Cookies are just super!


I just added + 70 grams of almond flour and they turned out perfect.

The recipe is just a class, it turned out perfect, melts in your mouth !!

One part was put in the fridge, and others — no — I didn’t notice the difference.

Very simple recipe for cooking with children) sister 2.5 years old, she liked it.

Cooked according to the recipe, but added more flour and forgot to put in the refrigerator. But everything turned out great.

They made cookies with coconut, poppy seeds, chocolate, sugar. Yummy

Everything burned down, hoping that I would please my husband and children, but it wasn’t the first time I had been baking for 3 hours.

Do not waste time.

Previously, the recipe for the recipe everything turned out, but according to your one coal.

It is better to try and find a good recipe than they are now tormented as I set straight at exactly the same degree, the oven is excellent but here’s the recipe.

I do not want to bring evil just say do not waste time and nerves. As if buying notes

I am an absolute newcomer to baking, so I cooked the dough according to the recipe. And, ohhh, miracle!

Snacks cookies!

Thank you so much for the recipe!

You know, 240-260 grams of flour is indicated there, but in fact I made 340-360 grams, because with the amount of flour that is indicated in the recipe, there is definitely no cookie dough, but some kind of sticky porridge, so be careful

I have it too loose I can not do anything, I did everything according to the recipe

Husband fell in love with these cookies. I grind them like seeds)) I cook for the second time.

However, I replace sugar with sugar from stevia 1: 1, it turns out much less calories.

Thanks for the recipe great!

An excellent recipe, already three times cooking it.

It is safe to add spices to taste, it will turn out very tasty.

An excellent recipe, quick and easy. It turns out two with a taste of delicious crispy and crumbly cookies. Thank you. Now I have this recipe in an honorable place in my cookbook.

The recipe is good and the cookies are delicious.

As I understand it, this is not the case when the dough should be further rolled out.

It itself when baking "is spreading" in rounds. And here I made a couple of mistakes — I put the pieces too close and put too much dough into each one, so that when baking, the cookies got stuck slightly along the edges and became more square than round. Next time I will consider.

I get the specified amount of products for two pieces and I bake it a little longer, about 15 minutes (here you also need to take into account the moisture of the flour and the size of the eggs). In general, a cool and fast recipe and is well suited as a basic one — for modernization and experimentation.

Thanks to the authors!

Thanks for the recipe. Very tasty cookies., Made everything according to the recipe, only 90 grams of wheat flour replaced corn.

The dough just stuck to his hands, but this did not prevent the formation of cookies. Everything turned out like her husband and children.

I will cook more!

Well, it means first. Those who say that the flour is small. In a cup of 250-300 ml of flour 160 grams.

Therefore, you need 2 cups of flour and everything will be fine with you.

Just checked everything.

Secondly, I have no idea why pervert so much over the dough to crush it into a ball and roll it out. Spoon straight out of the container, on a baking sheet (And better on paper for baking). And beat the dough with a mixer with nozzles for thick dough.

Sugar you can figachit more, at least twice — it will be tastier. Oil can also be a little more, a pack for example. To soften the butter, put it out of the wrap in a dish and in the microwave for max. power for 20-30 seconds.

You can add whatever you like, cinnamon, instant coffee (it’s best to mix in a small amount of boiling water) cocoa, raisins, chocolate pieces and everything that comes to mind. If all the same liquid, stupidly add a bit of flour, if thick — water.

You can grind the oatmeal into flour and make 1 to 1 with wheat flour.

Cookies will be slightly different, but no less tasty.

The dough turns out to be too liquid, it does not even form, about wrapping in a film, even speech can not go. Mixed flour. 20 minutes in the fridge is not enough. In the freezer is possible.

The taste is very mediocre (with the addition of lemon zest) and dry, no matter how thick it is. Girls who just want to enjoy cooking do not recommend this recipe, a waste of time.

Ladies claiming that this is my problem, not the test, leave your opinion and arguments with you.

Comments are given and to express their thoughts and results about the recipe.

A simple recipe (I liked that it was not necessary to divide the eggs and then think about where to put these proteins))) It turned out excellent cookies!

I baked 15 minutes, turned out soft and at the same time crumbly.

The son, 4 years old, was delighted (he helped me with cooking). P.S. made thin (3-4 mm) and thicker (

6mm). Those that are thin turned out drier and more crisp. Those that are thicker are softer and light colored.

During the baking process, the dough rises a little.

The recipe is kind of simple and I like speech.

But. According to this recipe: the dough stuck to your hands crazy! Flour indicated little.

I wanted to throw out the dough&# 128548 ;, but the idea came!&# 128161; I added some more flour and greased the rolling pin with vegetable oil! And oh gods &# 128519; I did it all!

I added another chocolate crumb. Can someone come in handy&# 128522;

Is it possible to pour butter into sunflower oil?

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