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Sertseedy: 10 heart dishes in Moscow restaurants

Sertseedy: 10 heart dishes in Moscow restaurants

On Valentine’s Day, Moscow’s restaurants will prepare special Valentine meals for guests.

We chose 10 dishes in the form of a heart, which you can try only on February 14!

Cake with recognition in «Coffeemania», 450 rub.

On February 14, guests can taste a special dessert from the Cake Buro confectionery studio in all Moscow restaurants “Coffeemania”, dedicated to the Day of all lovers.

The masters created the romantic dessert “My Heart” with a layer of strawberries with champagne and whipped cream cream, decorated with a red heart with a wish. “Coffeemania” has collected a collection of love phrases from famous literary works and cult films — the message on the cake exactly enchants the one to whom it is intended.

Burger in the bar «Heroes», 550 rubles.

In the bar “Heroes” they decided not to be led by the treacherous Valentine and prepared a party in the style of Anti-Valentine’s day. No singing of love, gifts and caramel hearts, only hardcore. Chef Yevgeny Trofimov, inspired by slashers in the style of “My Bloody Valentine”, depicted a festive burger in the shape of a heart with a knife.

He supplemented the airy red brioche with a juicy patty, bacon jam, aioli sauce and fragrant cheese.

Burger turned out so unusual that it is unlikely that anyone would want to share it with his other half.

Bar «Heroes»

Moscow, st. Trubnaya, 23, K. 2

Frickshake in SOS.CAFE, 420 rub.

Hooligan SOS.CAFE on Valentine’s Day offers a new bright friksheyk Love Is — banana milkshake with orange heart-shaped cake, vanilla cream and marshmallows.

Naughty rainbow-colored milkshakes on ice cream have long become instagram stars!

Do not pass by and you.


Moscow, st. Myasnitskaya, 11

Pizza at Pizzamento, 475 rub.

Valentine’s Day pizza is an absolute expression of love. Especially — if it is dessert, in the shape of a heart, with cherries, mascarpone and dark chocolate. This pizza can be ordered on Valentine’s Day in the Pizzamento Neapolitan pizzerias.

In addition, on a holiday, the halls of the establishments will be decorated with heart-shaped balloons, and guests will be treated with cookies with wishes.


Moscow, st. Tverskaya, 12/2

Fish tartare in Umi Oysters, 670 rub.

For sophisticated people, the ideal place for a festive dinner on February 14 is the bistro Umi Oysters: they feed on seafood that is a wonderful aphrodisiac.

Only on Valentine’s Day, you need to order hamachi and kampachi tartare: this dish is the brand chef and owner of the oyster bistro Yevgeny Meshcheryakov created specially for the holiday.

And if in Japan hamachi is considered a symbol of good luck, then the guests of Umi Oysters are already lucky — the tartare of this fish promises absolute gastronomic happiness and love.

Umi oysters

Moscow, Rozhdestvensky Blvd, 1 (2nd floor of the Central Market)

Chocolate heart in the pastry shop «Cafe Pushkin», 1450 rub.

In the pastry shop “Café Pushkin” they love it with all their hearts: a dessert for two was created “The Chocolate Heart” for couples.

The glowing color of matte velor, the petals of silver and the perfect shape hide the subtle taste: the rich sponge cake with raspberries and black chocolate mousse is softened by the tenderness of white cream ganache. “Chocolate Heart” can be tasted not only in the Moscow confectionery, but also in the flagship restaurant Café Pouchkine in Paris.

Confectionery «Cafe Pushkin»

Moscow, Tverskoy Boulevard, d. 26/5

Khachapuri from the heart in Tkemali, free of charge

Have you ever seen khachapuri in the form of a heart?

On the evening of February 14, in the Tkemali restaurant, all loving couples who will tell the waiter the code words “I love Tkemali” will be presented with the signature Love Is cocktail, as well as Adjarian khachapuri from a heart-shaped wood oven!

Restaurant «Tkemali»

Moscow, Gun str., 7/5

Golden Heart in the restaurant «On Mosfilmovskaya», free

In the family restaurant «On Mosfilmovskaya» as a compliment, they will present a dessert for two in the shape of a heart with gold leaf from chef Mikhail Koscheev as a compliment!

Inside — white chocolate and rose mousse, pieces of pear, peach and passion fruit, rose jelly and salted caramel.

«On Mosfilmovskaya»

Moscow, University Avenue, d. 25

Edible rose in the bar «Grimm», 500 rubles.

For those who do not have enough pink dessert, we suggest to eat almost a real rose. This unusual cocktail dessert was created by the head of the Grimm bar Alexander Pantyukhov.

Its delicate petals are made of strawberries and beets, the core is strawberry mousse marinated in wine, and the flower itself lies on a magical vessel with a cocktail based on white wine, vermouth, raspberry vodka and white rose syrup.

Bar «Grimm»

Moscow, st.

Most Dmitrovka, d. 32, p. 1

Double Heart at Grand Cafe Dr. Zhivago, free

In Grand Cafe Dr. Zhivago, a restaurant overlooking the Red Square, will be treated to guests on this day with a double heart dessert based on vanilla cheese mousse and spiced shortcrust pastry with berry sauce in chocolate velor.

Just come together — a compliment is meant for couples!

Grand Cafe Dr. Zhivago

Moscow, st.

Mokhovaya, 15/1, the National Hotel, 1st floor.

Teddy Bears at Wine Time, 236 rub.

The chef of the wine restaurant Wine Time, Andrei Mamontov, specially for February 14, created for guests a mi-mishny dessert — Teddy chocolate bears made from a delicate protein souffle with fruit marmalade.

They decided to serve the cakes as a couple, with one bear going pink and the other gray.

Wine time

Moscow, Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 2

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