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Seedlings: the magical power of nature

A great way to improve your tone, get rid of beriberi and gain strength — start eating seedlings. They can be bought in the store, and you can grow yourself

Seeds are often compared to canned food — bioactive substances necessary for growth and life are stored in their integrity and safety.

What is the meaning of eating seedlings? In using the magical power of growth. When soaking in the grain, complex biochemical reactions begin, which should provide the embryo with rapid growth and protection from external influences.

In the first place, rapidly developed antioxidant vitamins E and C.

There are 300 times more seeds in a seed than in an adult plant.

Special enzymes begin in the high-speed mode to break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which makes the seedlings also valuable in terms of digestibility of the body product.

Content champions vitamin Clentil sprouts.

They complement well pumpkin — this great source of zinc.

He, like ascorbic acid, activates the immune system, which is especially important when everyone is sneezing and coughing around.

Flax seedlings — this is all the good that is in flaxseed oil, only in a concentrated form: vitamins A, E and of course, unsaturated fatty acids.

There is nothing better for improving mood and as a prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Almond seedling too rich in fat soluble vitamins A and E.

Sesame — storehouse calcium.

Wheat — collection phosphorus, potassium, iron.

Rye sprouts — vitamins groups B, P and K.

In germinated grains oats much valuable soluble fiber, buckwheat — just champion content routine, which is necessary for the elimination of varicose veins and nosebleeds.

There are many ways to germinate seeds.

You can even buy special gadgets — sprouters, but it is easier and cheaper to use a plastic container, gauze and water.

1. Grains and seeds (it is best to choose organic, to be sure of quality and purity), you must first sift and sort through as much as possible.

2. Rinse several times in running water.

3. Pour into a plastic container, pour clean water and cover with 1-2 layers of clean gauze on top.

Remove to a dark place at room temperature.

4. After 10 hours, drain the water through gauze, pour in new water.

5. Check the mini-garden after 24-36 hours. The grains have clicked — immediately move them to the top shelf of the refrigerator and begin to actively use.

It is believed that the maximum content of nutrients in them accumulates on the 5th day of germination.

Sprouts are better eaten in the morning — 2-3 tablespoons per day. They should be chewed thoroughly so that all valuable substances are better absorbed. Can be crushed in a blender.

In this case, the speed of eating should be increased, since such blanks can not be stored at all.

If you want to further develop culinary use of seedlings, chop them in a blender, mix with vegetable oil and spread on warm toasts.

Or mix them with dried fruit and generously pour in cereal or yogurt.

Or use for preparation of salads from fresh vegetables and greens with dressing from vegetable oil. Or add instead / along with greens in sandwiches and burgers.

The main rule — no heat treatment!

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