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Second courses

Second course, As a rule, the most important thing is a complex and “weighty” meal of a meal consisting of several changes.

Actually, around the second — or main — dish, the whole lunch menu is formed: snacks, soups, desserts are selected.

Second courses conventionally divided into meat, fish and vegetables, they select the appropriate side dishes.

Many excellent dishes such as pot-o-fe, kasserol, Eintopf or goulash are the first and second dishes cooked in the same pan.

Not always on cooking second course need to spend a lot of time and effort. These are meat chops and scallops, most fish dishes, white poultry meat.

Many main dishes, such as stews or cabbage rolls, perfectly withstand reheating, and you can cook them for more than one meal. Other dishes are prepared not quickly, but with minimal active participation.

These include baked poultry or meat cooked in one large piece.

Moreover, a side dish is being prepared at the same time.

Sometimes it is reasonable to entrust the preparation of a second dish to smart kitchen appliances: a slow cooker or a double boiler.

If you create a harmonious menu, correctly calculate the time and correctly outline the sequence of actions, second course will appear on the table at the right time and bring real pleasure.

Chicken with potatoes — a very familiar combination, simple and clear homemade food. Chicken with potatoes.

Only at first glance, baked chicken is a simple dish. In fact, not so easy.

The meat baked by the piece is not only tasty, but also very “elegant”, festive,.

Pizza is one of the most popular Italian dishes. This is a round dough with filling,.

Lyulya-kebab (kebab in Persian «fried meat») — an Arabian dish, an oblong cutlet,.

In European cuisine roast is a large piece of meat, baked in the oven or on.

The choice of lenten main courses is not as limited as it seems at first glance. Sometimes enough.

Garnish recipes are rarely allocated in a separate section, because a garnish is just an addition to.

Is it possible to cook delicious main dishes in a slow cooker? We will reply with everything.

Well cooked steamed vegetables are delicious. The easiest way to cook it.

Zrazy is probably one of the most popular dishes. Zrazy firmly settled down in the Lithuanian, Belarusian,.

Chop now call any piece of any meat, beaten off with a special hammer or, on.

Schnitzel (German Schnitzel) in its traditional version is a thin layer of veal,.

French meat. These words mean much more in Russia than in all other countries of the world,.

Minced meat balls are larger than meatballs, but smaller than minced meatballs — these are meatballs. But

Ragout (fr. Ragout; from fr. Ragoûter — whet the appetite) — a dish of small ones.

In the preparation of baked fish is nothing complicated, besides, this method allows free.

Goulash (Hungarian gulyás) is the national dish of the Hungarians (also popular in Austria, the Czech Republic,.

Jambalaya is one of the most famous dishes of the so-called Cajun cuisine (created.

Traditional stuffed cabbage is minced meat with rice wrapped in cabbage leaves. More often .

Cutlets are made from meat, fish, poultry and vegetables. Originally a word "cutlet" .

It is believed that moussaka appeared a long time ago. In the Arab cookbook of the XIII century there is a dish.

Pumpkin entrees

In classic French cuisine, fricassee is called white stew with cream sauce. Until XVIII.

Porridge is a separate, very special kind of dishes from cereals and some legumes. Maybe.

Dolma (dolma) is the oriental “relative” of our stuffed cabbage: it is stuffed with minced meat.

The main rule that must be followed in the preparation of second courses of young vegetables.

To make an omelette tasty and beautiful, yolk and protein should be whipped thoroughly, and by.

When culinary historians (including Pokhlebkin), finally, began to study the recipes of pilaf.

Risotto is not just an Italian dish, but rather a technique and even a rice cooking philosophy. .

Those who are looking for an easy kebab recipe should pay attention to chicken or turkey meat. Cook .

Lasagna (Italian. Lasagna) — a type of Italian pasta: wide flat dough tapes up to 35 cm.

Nowhere in the world, including Japan, do they eat sushi in such quantities as in Russia. It is evident that there is something in them.

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