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Sausage Recipes

Sausages — a dish quite self-sufficient. This meat product is considered a budget replacement for meat, although sausages made from quality ingredients are more competitors to meat than an alternative. In addition, unlike meat, they are prepared quickly and easily.

Sausages can boil, fry or cook in the microwave and serve with any side dish — rice, buckwheat, pasta, potatoes, fresh or stewed vegetables.

Fried eggs with sausages are ideal for a hearty breakfast, a hodgepodge with sausages is the most famous first course with this meat product or the second (if sausages are stewed with cabbage), and the sausage in the dough is one of the most convenient and simple options for any meal.

But perhaps the most famous sausage dish is a hot dog, a sausage bun, seasoned with ketchup and mayonnaise.

In fact, from sausages you can make a lot of various snacks, salads, soups and main dishes.

Sausages can be added to any soup, for example, cheesy.

You can cook a pie, pizza or pasta with sausages, make vegetable stews, casseroles, make rolls or canapes, add to the lasagna.

The main advice: to make a dish with sausages tasty, it is important to choose a high-quality meat product, preferably with a minimum set of ingredients and without all kinds of flavor enhancers.

Actually, it is incorrect — literally translate the name of a particular food into their native language.

A quick salad can be offered to the family for dinner.

By the hodgepodge well served boiled new potatoes, sprinkled with chopped.

Sausage dough — what could be more banal? In fact, this dish is old.

Sausage in the dough — not just fast food, but pastries with a history, and quite a respectable. .

Solyanka with sausages and cabbage is a light dish. Especially good when a lot of everything else on the table. .

Czech drowned cakes are spicy marinated sausages (sausages) prepared in the Czech Republic for.

Leaving on the nature, most of us think about how fast, tasty and interesting to cook.

Very simple, everyone knows scrambled eggs, can also be served beautifully. This breakfast is definitely not.

The original appetizer in the form of a sausage in a sausage dough will appeal to both children and.

The idea is not new, but worth reminding, because the holiday is coming!

Solyanka meat team — our favorite dish. She can be «rich.»

Hot dogs can be served in any bread — a mini baguette, pita, thin or thick will do.

This combination of products is as old as the world. but if it is filed early in the morning in a slightly different one.

If you also, like us, are not indifferent to fragrant sausages or juicy sausages on the grill, learn.

The original version of homemade fast food.

Fast, tasty and satisfying!

Everyone likes!

Potatoes, carrots, sausage (or sausages) cut into strips, onion half rings, beat 2 eggs,.

Favorite corn dog is quite easy to cook at home.

Grilled sausages are an excellent choice if you don’t want to mess around with meat. They are getting ready.

Maybe I’m wrong and it can not be called a hodgepodge, but I got used to it since childhood. About soup-hodgepodge me.

They called friends to kebabs, but do not know how to surprise them?

Urgently remember our recipe. Some .

The sun is trying hard to prove to us that the cold is over, but the time is nourishing.

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