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Salt, pickle and cook lemons

It is only at first glance that December falls out of an infinite series of fruit harvesting.

Lemons — this is what needs to be harvested in the first month of winter.

Let’s salt, pickle and cook this beautiful citrus. Give the layout of lemons on the banks!

And do it as soon as possible — you can still have time for the New Year!

The simplest preparation known to everyone since childhood. They took a lemon, cut it into thin slices. Put in a small jar, poured sugar.

They closed the can lid and vigorously shook. Slices of lemons, sprinkled with sugar, left for several hours, and preferably for a day. And then the most interesting comes: drink sour-sweet lemon juice, and the slices are sticky, remembering only their usefulness.

Well, of course, if you are not a definitive and irreversible lover of lemons.

So, this is all children’s entertainment.

We urge you to do serious things: Salt, pickle and cook!

Salted lemons are an excellent condiment for all sorts of dishes in Southern Africa: stews with lamb, couscous, fish dishes and thick, vegetables-like sauces. You can simply mix them with extra virgin olive oil, add cilantro, freshly ground black pepper and fill with bulgur or rice. Only one of the main and most delicious spices of Moroccan cuisine — salted lemons — must be prepared in advance, because it is difficult to buy from us.

Only peel is suitable as seasoning — pulp and pickle are not used. Sometimes, depending on the recipe for salted lemons, the juice can be used for salad dressing.

But first you need to rinse the rind thoroughly with salt or not salt the dish at all.

There are two main ways to make salted lemons: in saline and in vegetable oil.

The first way is long — lemons should be salted for about a month; the second is more rapid, lemons are ready for 4-5 days already.

Classic salted lemons: only lemons, salt and water

Salty lemons can be called “Moroccan salted lemons”, because they are so often used to make traditional tagines. This is a classic recipe, which, after mastering and working out, can be modernized to your taste, adding spices and spices: cinnamon, cloves or fennel seeds.

Lemons are cooked for about 1 month.

Classic salted lemons: only lemons and salt

Salted Lemons with Cinnamon and Cloves in Vegetable Oil

In North Africa, salted lemons are very popular.

They are never eaten whole — lemons are salted only for the sake of the rind (not zest!), Which is thinly sliced ​​and added to fish, in meat tagines, couscous and other delicious national dishes. These are rich in flavor and very fragrant lemons. You can add a bay leaf to them, but do not be zealous with this.

Such lemons will be ready in 15-20 days and the juice that is released can be used for salad dressing and for pickling fish.

Salted Lemons with Cloves and Cinnamon

  • Regardless of the method of preparation, choose lemons with thin skin
  • If the lemons are not completely covered with liquid during pickling, mold may form.

If you cook meat, fish or vegetables in the Mediterranean style — pickled lemons will help you! They are used in almost all Mediterranean cuisines: Italian, Moroccan, and, of course, Israeli.

Marinated lemons are served with falafel, kebabs and grilled fish, added to sandwiches and even burgers.

Cut off the zest and turn the lemon into seasoning, use it to extinguish mutton, white oily fish or chicken.

Marinated with garlic and paprika lemons in olive oil

This recipe is a good alternative to the traditional one, in which whole lemons marinate for a month.

Marinated lemons will be ready in 24 hours.

Lemons marinated with garlic and paprika in olive oil

Of course, this is not that marmalade, — multicolored translucent bear-snakes and not a plastic one, which is great for stuffing small tea cakes.

It is a thick transparent slightly jelly mass, carefully laid out in jars — fragrant and tasty to the last drop.

And do not be filled with such lemon marmalade, just serve it with meat or poultry — you will be happy. And better make such marmalade (beforehand, of course, having checked it on taste) more, put it in jars and here are ready edible gifts to friends and colleagues!

Just warn that this is marmalade snack food, and it is suitable for main hot dishes or snacks, and not for tea ceremonies.

Pink Pepper Lemon Marmalade

This is perhaps the most expensive lemon preparation of the above listed at cost. Here, oranges and honey are added to the lemons, but this is the simplest in technology and the fastest in preparation.

It can be used immediately, as it cools.

Boil lemons with oranges twice for 15 minutes, cool twice. Cut between slices and then mix with honey.

Simplicity is the key to success.

You can, if desired, chop the citrus fruits in a blender, but we like it when there is an texture — pieces.

Honey spread with lemons and oranges

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