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Salmon steaks in Fish — More sauces

Fully ready for heat treated Salmon steaks with sauce is a quick solution for a delicious dinner, which saves time in the kitchen and leaves it clean.

These steaks are designed for demanding and busy gourmets — those who appreciate salmon for their unsurpassed taste and a whole range of useful microelements, but are not ready to waste precious time and energy on carving fish on their own.

And if you can’t buy chilled steak in advance, just right before cooking, you can keep frozen whole year in the freezer and use whenever you want.

Differences in taste between fresh and unfrozen fish you just do not notice.

It’s all about high-quality raw materials and innovative technology of freezing fish: freezing occurs in shock immediately after the catch, thereby maintaining the natural taste and healthy properties of fish.

In the future, already frozen fish is cut, divided into steaks, filled with fragrant sauces based on natural herbs and oils and packaged. Thus, the fish is never defrosted, until its final preparation in the home kitchen.

And the sauce starts marinate fish only when it comes into contact with thawed steak.

You can make sure of the brilliant result: if the steaks are defrosted according to all the rules slowly, in the refrigerator, then at the output you will get elastic, even fleshl with uniform veins, natural fresh smell and color.

When pressed, the groove under the fingers on the pulp is quickly restored — another proof that the fish was frozen correctly.

From the opened package due to the sauce, steaks slide out in one motion, without smearing fingers and extra dishes. In each package — two portions of steak, just a full dinner for two persons.

Steaks can be immediately sent to the oven, to the griddle, grill or in a double boiler.

Moreover, the manufacturer chose universal range of sauces: Mediterranean herbs, mustard spice, piquancy of tomato sauce, lemon naturalness — all recipes are perfectly combined with salmon and set off the merits of noble fish.

It is worthwhile to dwell on each option.

Salmon in a lemon-flavored sauce — high minimalism, the taste of fish is set off only by natural lemon juice. Its sourness is soft, barely noticeable, without undue sharpness. An option for those who prefer the natural taste of fish with minimal supplement.

Interestingly, you can add something special to lemon juice: herbs, spices, in order to get a more complex flavor.

Salmon in mustard sauce — As part of the sauce, except for mustard, a whole bunch of dried herbs (parsley, thyme, coriander, basil, dill). All ingredients are felt, but do not dominate the fish.

In general — the most piquant option, great for any method of cooking fish and does not require other flavorings.

Salmon in Mediterranean sauce — classic herbs are collected in the bouquet of the sauce: savory, parsley, basil, you can clearly see the fervent notes of garlic and pepper. In the aftertaste there remains only a light piquancy that is beneficial to the taste of the fish.

Fish with this sauce can be safely cooked for both adults and children.

Salmon in classic tomato sauce — classic Italian cuisine, herbs and natural flesh of tomatoes. The bouquet of aromas is impressive — savory, thyme, rosemary, dill, garlic.

This sauce wants to be called sunny and rich.

Fish with him will be good in any form, but it is worth noting that in contact with a frying pan or grill, the tomato always gives a subtle haze flavor characteristic of BBQ dishes, which is very suitable for red fish.

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