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Sagittarius — Health Recipes

Sagittarius The sign is powerful and strong. It cannot be otherwise: after all, it is controlled by the elements of Fire, and Jupiter himself protects him.

This determines the features of Streltsov: the temperament is agile, choleric, volitional, stubborn, energetic.

Born under the constellation Sagittarius possess particularly strong dignity.

However, these cheerful, temperamental, in the majority of noble and sincerely generous people irresistibly attract power and ostentatious external splendor, fame, honor, titles and awards, authority, popularity, prestige.

Initiative, quick and original thinking they can lead to the success of any project and at the same time make sure that their merits are noticed. Strelets, as air, a high social status and a stable financial situation are necessary.

But material values Sagittarius acquire wisely, trying not to harm others.

Sagittarius: risk areas
Fiery and swift Sagittarius, those born at the end of November are still under the significant influence of the previous sign — the hot and burning Scorpio.

Even among his fellows Sagittarius The first decade is characterized by extreme independence and autonomy. Do not tolerate restrictions and compulsions, stand for social justice, freedom and independence.

Unfortunately, such an indomitable temperament is fraught with considerable troubles in terms of health.

The very lifestyle of restless Sagittarius causes a great overload of the nervous and circulatory systems, serious tests for the skeleton and muscles.

In particular danger is the hip belt and the sacrum.

And since our hero is hot, not only in actions, but also at the table he prefers burning and spicy dishes appropriate to his character, the liver is also under attack.

It is of course impossible to drastically change inborn tastes, especially Sagittarius, and especially Sagittarius November, living under the strong influence of the arrogant and suspicious Scorpio.

It is inconceivable to limit his habits, including gastronomic habits, but it is possible and necessary to turn to his innate intuition, prudence and prudence.

10 tips for Sagittarius:

  • Sagittarius love to feast was a mountain. But they need to be very careful not to overeat. It is advisable to eat food in small portions, but more often.
  • It is impossible to indulge so selflessly smoked meats, fatty fish and fried meat under hot spices. Only moderation will help soften the blows to the liver.
  • Limit your natural passion for buns and pastries.
  • Alcohol — only on holidays. A strong coffee — no more than once a day. Get plenty of tea and herbal infusions.
  • More often lean on legumes — soybeans, peas, beans, which are absolutely necessary to use, not only in the mature version, but also in the form of young pods.
  • If possible, replace butter with vegetable oil.
  • Vegetables are preferred in a fresh, raw form, and when cooking salads do not feel sorry for the greens. In addition to especially necessary parsley, celery, basil, Strelets the first decade is useful to add more nettle and leaves of blackthorn, as well as sage, rosemary and garlic.
  • It is necessary to additionally insure the muscles, hip joint and sacrum. From food this will help foods high in calcium — cheese, cottage cheese, fresh milk.
  • For normal liver function, mineral waters containing calcium sulfate are necessary.
  • Organism Sagittarius is in constant tension, and, in order to avoid overwork, he must constantly be fed with silicon, which can be found in cucumbers, asparagus and raw cabbage. And potassium chloride will contribute to the stimulation of metabolic processes, the best sources of which are peanuts, eggplants and zucchini, grapes and olives.

Vegetable soup with green butter
Time: 1 hour
"Grocery Store"№06 (176) March 2011

Red Bean Pate
Time: 2 hours +
"Recipe collection"№17 / 2011

Beans with Prunes and Bell Peppers
Time: 30 min
User Irena Roberts

Lenten soup
Time: 2 hours +
"Grocery Store"# 3 (7), 2004

Peppers stuffed with cabbage
Time: 2 hours +
"Recipe collection"№13 (93) July 2010

Eggplant Appetizer
Time: 1 hour
"Recipe collection"№19 (99) October 2010

Eggplant Casserole with Tomatoes
Time: 1.5 hours
"Recipe collection"№15 (71) August 2009

Niceois ratatouille
Time: 1.5 hours
"Grocery Store"№15 (185) August 2011

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