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Rules of parenting

Nina Tarasova — a professional consultant in the field of pastry skills. And, despite frequent travels across Russia and Europe, a beautiful and caring mother.

This is how she brings up her daughter Ulyana.

The issue of nutrition of the child should not be approached from the position “Feed whatever it takes me”.

Of course, the child must be fed, but let’s not rush to extremes.

I remember what portions of dinner, “the first, second, third and compote,” my grandmother fed me as a child, and I think: no, we will go a different way.

From the moment when it became possible to give Ulyana “food from the common table,” I began to prepare so that it was useful and tasty for her and for us.

I did not do the separation — this pan for Ulyana, this pan for us. Cooked for three, only began to add less salt and seasonings.

Natural and high-quality ingredients. were always and remain to this day.

None animals and ekiban from food! This can be done one-time and on a holiday — it will be nice and pleasant to all. But not every day.

Think for yourself: when a child goes to kindergarten, it is unlikely that the teacher or nanny will smear the semolina porridge on the plate, tinting it with blueberry juice, and making hippos from sausages.

It is better for kids to invent interesting stories and tales. For example, from where or who brought this gruel, what fantastic heroes ate it and what happened to them later.

Tales are loved by all children, especially if they are different every day: with adventures, with sequels.

For such fascinating stories dinner flies by and quickly.

How else can you attract a child to eat? Of course involvement in the cooking process! I always cook something at home — I am developing a new dessert menu for restaurants, testing taste combinations.

In parallel, borscht can cook on my stove and bake fish in the oven.

The kitchen is my fortress, my work, my cozy world, which I have arranged comfortably for myself and safe for the child.

Ulyana began to help me, probably, with one and a half years.

She still did not really know how to talk, and already from a culinary bag with a nozzle “asterisk” she deposited Viennese cookies on a baking tray. She knows that if I make a biscuit, it means that it will have to be soaked with syrup, and is already ready with a brush.

And most recently, she made her first charlotte for dad.

Then we ate it all together before bedtime, drinking milk.

More Ulyana loves sculpt dumplings and then with great pleasure eats them. Children are mostly restless;
it’s hard to concentrate on one lesson for a long time.

And my Juliana is no exception. But the dumplings can make for hours.

She throws the meat in a meat grinder, then she mixes the stuffing.

And whisk whisk eggs for an omelet.

Ulyana herself can (of course, under our supervision) turn on a planetary mixer and break eggs one at a time.

Yes, let half the eggs still be on the floor or on the table, but what is the fire in her eyes — she makes the dough for the future culinary little masterpiece!

Do not be afraid that the child, helping you, can spoil something or get dirty.

Any decor — cream, roses and leaves — can be fixed or redone, and the clothes washed.

But this moment of joint creativity as a seed will fall into the consciousness of your child and from the very childhood he inculcates in him a love for beauty, product, work with his hands and art.

Nina Tarasova — a professional consultant in the field of pastry skills.

A graduate of the French Ecole Nationale Superieure De Patisserie, a participant in numerous professional competitions.

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