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Rules of baby food from Irina Slutskaya

Irina Slutskaya, a two-time world champion in figure skating and twice a mother, believes that food, especially children’s food, should be “real”, that is, prepared from fresh natural products, by mother’s hand.

I do not think that on holidays children should eat differently than on weekdays. Kids are very sensitive to any changes and to new foods as well. Therefore, we do not violate family rules and traditions.

And if Olivier is on the table, then for the eldest son Artem he will be with sour cream, and not with mayonnaise. My mother cooks very tasty seafood salads — we will give Teme a try, but quite a bit.

A child’s body may react to unfamiliar food in unexpected ways, and I don’t want such surprises on New Year’s holidays.

Since my husband and I are adherents of a healthy diet, we try to inculcate this in children. Minimum fried, minimum oil, necessarily soups — I think that it’s impossible to live without soup.

And my children know that if they want to treat themselves to a piece of chocolate at lunch, soup must be eaten before that.

Usually it is a light chicken or meat broth with vegetables.

Every morning we start with porridge.

Most often, oatmeal just pour boiling water.

And we use real flakes — no cereals and instant soups, no bouillon cubes in the house. The son loves semolina, but we consider it empty porridge, so we give very rarely and in minimal portions.

By the way, the only porridge I personally love is wheat with pumpkin.

I add a little jam to it.

I do not like honey, and it is a strong allergen. But its jam, for example, mashed raspberries and sugar, is beyond competition. And children eat the same porridge, almost without salt and sugar.

And after the pap may still be happy to eat an omelet and eat sandwiches with tea.

Children eat fresh vegetables and fruits with pleasure.

Carrots gnaw, cabbage (but not a stalk, which is full of nitrates). Stewed vegetables (not boiled soft, but with a slight crunch) are also loved.

The fish goes well in the form of patties, which we do not fry, but bake in the oven.

But in general the food must be real. What could be tastier than the berries collected by yourself?

Or vegetables from a small garden? I even had a familiar granny who grows her chickens.

And when there is an opportunity, I gladly buy and cook baby food from poultry.

Sometimes the son surprises me with conservatism. At one time, Artem adored a salad with crab sticks. And they brought me a present Far East crab as a gift.

Well, I think, I will please the child. To the natural crab meat added corn, cucumber, onion.

And he looked at the salad and the nose wrinkled — I do not want.

Of course, children need and indulge.

Son loves chocolate, candy, chewing gum.

And on holidays, he may slightly exceed the norm on sweet.

The only taboo in our family — we don’t eat chips and pizza.

We limit children in juices, because it is also sugar.

Cooking compotes themselves, cowberry fruit drinks, cranberries, but weak, not concentrated.

Recently, guests came to us with a friend of Artem, whom he simply adores. And we set a separate small table for them, put the appliances, put mugs with compote, plates, lit a candle — everything was like in adults.

Kids liked it.

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