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Roasted Pig Recipe 1897

As is known, the main ceremonial food of Russian cuisine on Christmas there were roast pig and roast goose. About, how to bake a goose , we told.

Today, the menu — roasted pig, according to the recipe of 1897.

The roasted pig was, as is now fashionable to express, «status»Food. Recall how A. S. Pushkin in «Captain’s daughter«Put an opinion about Yemelyan Pugachev into the mouth of one of the Cossacks:» It can be seen that the personage is notable: at dinner, he drank two fried pigs. «

That is, in the common sense, roasted pig on the table was a sign of high social status and wealth.

Here’s a tip on how to choose the right pig for frying from the women’s magazine of 1913, as well as the recipe for the roasted pig, which we found in the cookbook from 1897 and rewritten it according to today’s recipe rules.

If you decide to serve the guests a roasted pig, then you need to know how to choose good food. «Magazine for hostesses«In one of the numbers in 1913, reports that first you need to decide to take a piglet or ice cream pig. Frozen piglets are cheaper, but being tempted by the cheapness of a piglet’s ice cream in front of a paired one, the housewives do not take into account that the inside of an ice-cream piglet is stuffed with ice, and during defrosting the weight of the piglet can decrease even by one third.

Thus, often the price of a piglet ice cream is almost equal to the price of a pair.

Freshness of piglet meat is defined as: “The injection site or shot should have a red, or rather, scarlet color of blood.

It is recommended when buying … pay attention to its insides: the kidneys should be covered with fat (whitish plaque), and the incision of the abdomen almost a quarter of a finger should be covered with a layer of fat twice the thickness of the skin«.

When buying an ice-cream suckling pig, you have to be doubly cautious, since «during freezing, the poor quality of the meat may be hidden.» The wound from the injection should be «scarlet, light pink, but in no case a brick» (which indicates that the pig is stale or even frozen for the second time).

The incision of the abdomen should have a fat of half a finger’s thickness, and in the slit of the neck, the fat should be fresh, white, a quarter of a finger’s thickness.

The recipe is taken fromIntelligent cookbook»P. Andreeva, published in Moscow in 1897. The dish is designed for 4 people.

If guests are invited in larger quantities, increase the weight of the pig and the addition of other ingredients (but not more than one and a half times, and if there are more guests, then cook a few young piglets and an appropriate size).

“Having cleaned and gutted a piglet, soak it for about three hours in milk. Remove, wipe, rub with salt, let it lie for half an hour.

Dissolve on the baking sheet 2 tbsp. l oil, put the pig and fry, turning from side to side, pouring oil first, when reddened — with water (just up to a glass), and then — with its own juice, and piercing with a fork.

Frying, depending on the size — from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

If you wish to serve the pig stuffed, then, after salting and letting it dry, fill it with the following stuffing: having cleaned 1 pound of veal liver from films and lived, fry it in 1 tbsp. l butter with 1 finely chopped onion, mix it with crumb soaked in water and pressed white bread, put tsp salt, ¼ — ½ tsp pepper, grated nutmeg, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of table or butter, 2 eggs who wish, 2-3 anchovy and 3-4 truffles or boiled mushrooms, finely chop, fill the inside of a piglet, sew and continue to do as mentioned above.

Serving, sprinkle with chopped parsley. ”

For convenience, we offer a modern interpretation of the ingredients:

  • pig weighing 1.5-1.7 kg
  • 2 tbsp. l vegetable oil
  • 200 g butter
  • bunch of parsley

For filling:

  • 450 g of veal liver
  • 1 small loaf of wheat bread
  • 1 large onion
  • ¾ teaspoon salt
  • ¼ — ½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • ¼ grated nutmeg
  • 20 g butter
  • 2 boiled eggs
  • 2-3 anchovy
  • 3-4 fried big white mushrooms

Bake 45-60 minutes until tender at 150-180ºС.

Constantly ensure that the pig is not overcooked.

In this recipe, it is recommended to turn the piglet from side to side for roasting. However, in other versions of the recipe, it is recommended to immediately put the pig on top of the back, if later you serve it whole (sometimes served and slices). You can sprinkle the stuffed pig with salt before pouring into the oven and pour it with olive (olive) oil to form a crisp.

Don’t forget to pull the string out of the suckling pig before serving.

To the piglet can be served in a saucepan the juice formed during roasting on a baking sheet.

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