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Rice Soups

Where do not cook soups with rice!

This is not surprising, because rice perfectly thickens soups, making them more nourishing, giving them “body” and velvety.

At the same time, rice is one of the most common and affordable foods.
The basis for soups with rice will be any broth: lamb or beef, light chicken, vegetable.

Milk soups with rice, savory and sweet, are also quite common.
Obviously, from cooking, storing in liquid and reheating the rice is very boiled soft. So if you want the rice soup to remain transparent, boil the rice separately in water or portions of the broth and add it inconsistently to the plate.

Another option is to cook just as much soup with rice as you can eat in one meal.
Both round and long grain rice will be suitable for cooking soups.

Use the grade indicated in the recipe.

In case of replacement, consider the properties of different varieties.

This very popular cream soup obviously got its name from the French bis cuites -.

If you calculate how many chicken soup recipes in the world, you’ll probably get a four-digit number. .

This famous Italian soup is remarkable, in particular, the fact that the recipes for its preparation.

Avgolemono (literally «egg and lemon») — as the Greeks call the egg dressing itself. .

If the season does not allow you to buy good ripe tomatoes, replace them with Italian ones.

The rice for this soup can be replaced with couscous or steamed in advance and then cooked until soft.

If you take only the solid component of the soup, you get a great filling for the cake with the same.

Just as in Ashkenazi Jewish communities and communities from North Africa, it is customary to arrange.

Casuela is cooked differently in different regions of Amazonia. In the Peruvian Casuela at the base will be.

We are all, of course, aware that originally kharcho is an excellent Georgian beef soup.

This soup in Lebanon is served in the spring, when the first early vegetables appear on the shelves and in the gardens. .

In Nepal, it is very, very cold.

And the majority of the population does not eat meat there. How to escape,.

If you love your family dearly (and this, thank God, most often is the case), then you simply must at least.

This is the famous Scottish soup that has been cooked in this country for several centuries. Good he is not.

Such soup was prepared in all canteens on the territory of the former USSR. It was a simplified version.

Such sweet soups and puddings in Vietnam are called “che.” This dessert soup made from corn.

Jewish cuisine, on the one hand, is very economical, on the other — quite often traditional and.

Traditional Louisiana thick soup that combines the taste traditions of Indian, Spanish and.

This is quite a hearty soup. Consider this when choosing a second course, if you are not used to having dinner with something.

This is a special soup with a characteristic sourness.

And this sourness from the fact that in the soup add cherry plum. Cherry plum

Margilan is a small town in the Fergana Valley, once a great capital and an important hub.

One of the most famous and favorite soups in Uzbekistan. True, he is home: in a restaurant, cafe or.

In many national cuisines there are milk rice soups, there is one in Uzbek cuisine. This soup.

A sweet lunch is the dream of almost any child. And if the soup is also strawberry,.

One of the most favorite soups of Turkish children, nourishing and warming during the cold weather.

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