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Refrigerators: get acquainted with the new

Refrigerator, without exaggeration, is in every home. Sometimes even two. Big and beautiful, this device was created to inspire respect and confidence in the future.

Agree, when this receptacle of gluttony is ready to offer the necessary set of products, and even each of them has the right place in it, so that both remain fresh for a long time and the color and smell are natural, then the heart rejoices.

And he, as a rule, sets the kitchen and the general tone, or style.

The main function of the refrigerator is to ensure the correct storage temperature. Just a freezer and a refrigerator compartment for a modern grocery basket is no longer enough.

Freshly bought delicacy to remain so, at least for a while, requires more delicate handling.

The general trend can be called the desire of developers to create multi-zone refrigerators, ideally with the ability to adjust the temperature and humidity in each compartment.

Samsung, for example, in the Smart Touch Series (RL55VTEBG1 / BWT and RL55VTEMR1 / BWT), provides for the separation of the Cool Select ZoneTM. It can adjust the temperature level.

The Cool Select zone allows you to select the desired mode: for easy freezing, for example, meat, set to –5 ° C, to keep it cool — 0, and to store fruits and vegetables — +3 ° C.

Another development is the Multi Air Flow technology, which allows maintaining a constant temperature throughout the entire volume of the refrigerator.

Chilled air streams evenly spread throughout the compartment.

Samsung has used the TWIN Cooling System ™ in the FDR refrigeration series.

In fact, these are two independent cooling systems that maintain the optimum temperature and humidity separately in the refrigerator and freezer.

In conventional refrigerators, humidity reaches 17%, with devices with TWIN Cooling System ™ technology — 43%.

High humidity in the refrigerator allows you to keep food fresh longer, while the air in the freezer remains dry.

ILVE introduces the RN 90 SBS refrigerator with the Multi-Flow System, which circulates cold air through the openings at each level of the shelves. It promotes uniform cooling and long preservation of freshness of products.

The Supercool system, which features two special drawers for fruits and vegetables, controls moisture levels to reduce the risk of mold.

Haier is trying to conquer the consumer with a combination of external appearance and internal content. The new Haier Side by side, with hinged doors, provides maximum freedom in the use of interior space.

Technology Haier Inverter monitors the operation of the compressor, smoothly changing its speed, preventing switching on and off.

This saves energy and significantly reduces noise and vibration. Helps this
and the use of new multilayer insulation materials.

Even in the refrigerator, the products absorb oxygen, releasing ethylene, which accelerates the process of their “aging”.

Haier mounts in his devices a device that saturates the inner space with vitamin C. It neutralizes ethylene, converting it into carbon dioxide and water, and this slows down the fading of vegetables and fruits.

Whirlpool introduced a new refrigerator with the “6th Sense” technology Fresh Control.

Its action is based on the operation of the Fresh Control Sensor, which detects the temperature in the refrigerator compartment and controls the internal humidity. According to the Italian Association of Food Technologies AITA, products are best stored at a humidity of 70-85%. Fresh Control system maintains humidity at 80%, which allows to increase
shelf life.

For example, ham in such a refrigerator will remain fresh for 4 days longer, soft cheese for 3 days, pears for 17. And systems for storing products and collections of vintage wines from Fhiaba provide for one or more drawers with the ability to activate the TriMode function.

It allows setting individual temperature conditions in them: refrigerating, freezing or Fresco (from +8 ° С to –22 ° С).

In fact, truly advanced, innovative, so to speak, technologies, wherever there is, then either in space or in the army. They cost dearly, and they are not particularly needed for the average man in the street. If the sturgeon is fresh, then it should be eaten, not stored, and if the meat is deep-frozen, then it is deeply sad.

But fashion is fashion, and the leaders of the refrigeration market are simply obliged to keep on a common growing nano-wave.

All leading manufacturers have in their lineup models with LCD and touch displays.

Samsung is among those who were able to realize this idea most organically and completely. For example, the touch screen model RL55VQBUS1 / BWT allows you to control all the functions of the device with one touch, has the function of a photo album with the ability to play a slideshow.

And in the handwriting mode on the display of this model, you can write any message or reminder directly on the screen.

In the line of household appliances of the Swedish company Electrolux there is a Screenfridge refrigerator. Without exaggeration, this is a miracle technique.

First, it has the function of connecting to the Internet. Secondly — built-in webcam. Each time you close a door, it sends a couple of snapshots of content to your page.

Enough to visit her before leaving work, and you will know exactly what you need to run into the supermarket or what to order in the online store. Using this touchscreen LCD with a virtual keyboard, you can send emails or send video messages. Also, Screenfridge is equipped with a built-in TV and radio, and if you connect a couple of additional video cameras to it, it will become the center of your home security system.

Completes the stuffing of this «monster» built-in digital cookbook, consisting of hundreds of recipes.

Filling the filling, but the largest manufacturers also do not forget about the appearance of the kitchen general. So in the world of refrigerators there are new items and ready-to-wear, and haute couture. Liebherr models — KBgw 3864, KBgb 3864, CBNgb 3956 and CBNgw 3956 — are striking in their elegance: the front side of the doors is made of mirror glass.

Reflected in the mirrors, the kitchen will seem more spacious.

Hotpoint-Ariston has created a Quadrio four-door refrigerator with an asymmetrical design, based on rounded shapes and long steel handles.

The ability to open only one of the four cameras that you need right now, saves up to 50% of energy.

A Finnish Rosenlew decided to play on patriotic feelings.

Two models of Rosenlew by Denis Simachev refrigerators by designer Denis Simachev are decorated with author paintings. Including Khokhloma!

Each model produced only 100 copies. And this is understandable, connoisseurs of high fashion can not be much. “You can buy a white refrigerator, but that’s boring,” says Denis Simachev, or you can –– painted for Khokhloma, and this is patriotic.

Choose you: to remain boring or become a patriot. «

The No Frost system (without frost) has become very popular in the last 10–15 years. When the euphoria of innovation has passed, the most reasonable consumers decided to soberly evaluate what kind of miracle they are paying money for and so do they really need to do without manually defrosting the refrigerator.

It turned out that’s what.

1 Even after several years of using a refrigerator with this function, icicles from the walls will not hang.
2 Forced air circulation evenly distributes the temperature throughout the volume.
3 In the freezer, food freezes faster due to directional air flow.
4 The ability to adjust the temperature up to one degree (in the presence of an electronic control unit).

1 Increased power consumption.

Thrifty Europeans love money more than the lack of frost in the freezer, and this system is unpopular in Europe.
2 Wash the refrigerator anyway. For reasons of cleanliness. And its Europeans love more than the lack of frost.

And if you still wash, then you can defrost.
3 Above the noise level.
4 Due to the constant air circulation, unpacked products dry out.
5 Now Frost “eats” 20 liters of usable freezer volume.
6 Such refrigerators are more expensive.

Score: four to six! In the line of each manufacturer of refrigerators there are devices both with the system “know frost” and without it.

The choice is up to the consumer.

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