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Red means tasty

Among salmon fishes, which we traditionally call red, the red salmon stands alone — the only one that bears the name “red” is officially the bright scarlet color that it acquires when it spawns.

But we love her not only for that.

You can be beautiful

Such saturated color of meat of this fish living in the Pacific Ocean in the ecologically clean area of ​​Kamchatka is explained by its diet.

The sockeye mainly feeds on Kalanides — fatty crustaceans, which have a reddish tint due to the high content of carotenoid pigments.

For spawning, the sockeye returns to where it was born, to the exit points of keys in the cleanest rivers and lakes of Kamchatka.

And if at sea only a professional can distinguish a silver sockeye from a chum, then during the spawning period, when a fish dresses up in a mating, violently flaming “outfit” — bright red sides and back, a green head — you can’t confuse the nose with anyone.

However, in order to get the highest quality meat and caviar, fish is caught before the moment when it enters fresh water and its scales turn red.

Both caviar and sockeye meat have a unique taste with a spicy bitterness. In appearance, they are also significantly different from other salmon caviar and fish.

The grains of caviar of salmon are small and bright red, the meat of the salmon also has a bright, rich red color that can decorate any dish and festive table.

The consistency of the meat of this fish is tender, it literally melts in the mouth.

For a long time, all these charms of sockeye were little known to the wide consumer. But the inhabitants of the Far East, who know a lot about fish delicacies, sockeye is valued for a long time.

In the last couple of years, a new discovery of sockeye has already occurred for all Russians: the demand for it is growing rapidly.

It turned out that this fish has at least five virtues that make it unique.

Five reasons to eat sockeye

1. This fish is wild, fed by Mother Nature herself, on a loose “grazing”. Her

do not breed on farms, which means you can be sure that we are dealing with fish that eat naturally.

2. Meat «free» salmon contains a moderate amount of fat, which makes it a valuable dietary product.

3. At the same time, sockeye salmon has the main advantage of fish in the cold seas — the presence of rare Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

They are necessary for the human body: they normalize the work of all its systems, support the brain, vascular tone, slow down the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, increase immunity, provide moisture and healthy appearance to the skin, nails and hair.

4. Sockberry contains easily assimilable proteins and essential amino acids, vitamins of groups A, B, C, D, E, iron, phosphorus, potassium, copper, magnesium.

5. The price for our Russian sockeye, although high, is still significantly lower than for imported red fish (salmon, trout). This is immensely surprising, by the way, of the Japanese: in the country of long-livers, sockeye is the fish number one, it is even accepted to be presented as a gift to the owners of the house when they come to visit. Japan is the number one country in the world for the consumption of sockeye salmon, and the Japanese know a lot about healthy eating.

That is why every year they buy from our fishermen in the Far East most of the catch.

Three degrees of taste

In finished form, salmon is salted, cold and hot smoked — each method of cooking reveals the taste of this unique fish in its own way. If you are a fan of tender and delicate taste, stop your choice on lightly salted sockeye.

In smoked salmon her spicy bitterness is complemented by a delicate taste and aroma of smoke. If you want a taste of bright and rich — take a hot smoked sockeye “Meridian-ECO”. The entire line of products «Meridian — ECO» deserves special attention, because the fish in it is natural and prepared without the addition of preservatives.

Each fillet is manually sprinkled with natural sea salt. Fish smoked on the purest tree species — alder chips.

The shelf life of preservative-free products is small, so Merkein-ECO sockeye is available mainly to residents of large cities in Central Russia.

But in order to eat this wonderful fish, the inhabitants of the whole of our country could, the manufacturer also released the salted and smoked sockeye Meridian with a preservative — this allows you to save the fish longer and take it to all cities of our Motherland.

And on weekdays, and on holiday

Light salted and smoked salmon ready to eat is tasty by itself, so adding something to it is not necessary at all. You can simply put a slice of fish on a slice of whole grain bread — and a tasty and healthy breakfast is ready!

Hot smoked salmon is perfect for a good lunch or dinner: just add vegetables, lettuce or a side dish to taste.

And if you want to surprise the guests, you can create an unusual festive dish: spread thin pita bread with cream cheese, put slices of lightly salted or smoked salmon on top, sprinkle with greens. Roll the pita bread into a roll and slice it across.

Snack, combining the benefits, taste and festive mood, is ready!

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