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Quinoa — product description on

Quinoa (lat.

Chenopodium quinoa), sometimes quinoa, is a pseudo-cereal culture, a species of the genus Mari of the mary family.

Quinoa (lat.

Chenopodium quinoa), sometimes quinoa, is a pseudo-cereal culture, a species of the genus Mari of the mary family.

This plant is a relative of spinach.

On thin stalks of quinoa grow white, red or yellow, collected in long clusters, curling along the stems.

Quinoa seed is small, disk-shaped, with a very delicate structure.

As soon as they do not call this grain in Russian!

Quinwa, quino, quinoa and even rice quinoa (the leaves of the plant really resemble quinoa). Quinoa grows mainly on the slopes of the Andes in South America in poor soils, at an altitude of 3-4 km above sea level, that is, in very harsh conditions.

In recent years, quinoa has been grown in other parts of the world with similar climatic conditions — for example, in Tibet, Nepal and the mountainous regions of India and Pakistan.

Quinoa’s homeland is the Andes slopes in South America.

For many centuries this culture has been one of the most important foods of the Incas, who called quinoa the mother of all grains.

Each year began with a ritual planting of quinoa, when the leader of the people, using gold tools, planted the first seeds of the season. Then quinoa was forgotten for a long time and grown in extremely small quantities.

In Europe and America, the new fashion for quinoa began in the 90s of the twentieth century.

Throughout its history to this day, this grain has never been subjected to any genetic modifications.

And in Peru and Chile, where quinoa is grown today, a special law was passed prohibiting gene experiments on this culture.

This small grain contains eight amino acids, essential for the body, carbohydrates and many useful minerals (calcium, iron, sodium).

It has a hypoallergenic property and is a source of highly digestible vegetable protein.

Ready-made quinoa grains have a light nutty flavor and, in texture, are a bit like an egg with a dense shell, as if bursting in the mouth and a tender center.

First of all, quinoa is cooked as a separate dish or side dish.

Grains are mixed with vegetables, fish or meat and stewed in a thick sauce.

Quinoa is one of the favorite foods advocates of healthy eating.

For example, in a third of packs of imported muesli, you will definitely find quinoa grains cooked using puffed rice technology.

Quinoa is used in puddings and salads, soups and pilaf.

Quinoa is made of spaghetti and even baked dense bread, which can be eaten by people who are allergic to gluten, because there is no gluten in quinoa at all.

Quinoa can be germinated and served for breakfast with nuts, berries and yogurt.

When cooking quinoa increases its volume by about three times.

Before preparing the grain, it is better to soak in hot water for some time (or, during boiling, drain the first water in a couple of minutes of boiling), otherwise the dish will be slightly bitter.

Warm salads with cereals or legumes — a great alternative to traditional dinner. .

Very tasty cutlets, it is difficult to guess what they are from.

Good and hot and cold.

By the same technology, strawberries can be mixed with crumbly couscous, bulgur or millet.

Here we offer to cook such a bright vegetable salad with quinoa, often and immediately in large portions to.

Krupa called quinoa, quina or quinoa became popular in Europe ten years ago. Her .

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