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Quick baking

Many people think that baking is long and difficult, but we know that it is not so!

A lot of dishes with dough can be cooked quite quickly, in ten minutes or half an hour, and the fragrant hot cake is already on the table! Quick baking is always necessary by the way — and to the unexpected arrival of guests, and as a delicious dinner, and for a snack on the road.

Try to cook for proven recipes pies with a variety of fillings, muffins in a mug, buns and even bread!

You will be surprised — how fast and how tasty!

My children love puff bows. It seems they are nothing special, supernatural, but.

Baked these cupcakes many times.

Gentle, spicy and moist. Pumpkin here is not felt at all, gives out.

Many remember and love dessert since childhood. "chocolate sausage". My recipe is different from.

Dish from the main menu of cafe Compote

This is a superfood mega tasty cookie.

Surprise and please your loved ones. Simple ingredients and.

Dish from the main menu of cafe Compote

Very tender, airy, homemade buns on yeast dough. They can be made with jam, with poppy seeds, or.

This cookie is cooked very easily and quickly, and it is very cool to connect children to cooking.

Favorite bagels come from childhood: Mom used to cook them for me, and now I cook them for my own.

This crispy pastry is made very quickly.

Pie with chicken and mushrooms puff pastry and peas with leaf lettuce to garnish.

The beauty of these waffles is that they are made savory. You can serve them with any.

How I love recipes in which you only need to throw all the products in the mixer, so that everything itself.

Fragrant biscuits with chocolate chips and coconut chips. Prepare extremely fast, perfect.

These little Italians are perfect with delicious cold milk. When you just pull them out of the oven.

If you want to "crawl" the so-called fast food, namely burgers, you can bake for.

I always bake burger buns myself. In this recipe, they are very tasty, part to.

A very simple recipe for foccaci for those who are still rather timidly drawn with bread. Tomatoes can be,.

Another recipe for very quick and easy bread with an unmatched cheese flavor.

Buns are fairly neutral in taste.

Very tasty with butter. Sugar can be added.

A very simple bread recipe just for beginners like me.

Lazy cheesecakes are my quick and win-win option when you want some baking with.

Do not like buckwheat? If I were you, I would not be in a hurry to answer until you try this gentle and.

Flat cakes turn out to be soft and so tasty that they disappear like seeds. The only consolation is that they are.

There is something in this dish from pizza — probably its openness to the world. Only dough is here.

There are two (known to me) ways to make keycaps.

The first method is more laborious. Need to .

Baked apples, honey and cinnamon are an amazing combination.

Dessert will not leave indifferent.

Analogue of cottage cheese donuts, the only case is cutting

I want to share a simple recipe for delicious cookies from our friend project "Gingerbread and.

John of the Ladder is one of the most revered saints in Russia. On Sunday .

Focaccia is a wheat cake.

It is thin and crunchy and lush, and even sweet! She is the same.

What is the main thing in dinner for two?

Of course, the speed of its preparation. I want to spend time in.

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