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Quick and tasty dishes with forest mushrooms

Finally, mushrooms appeared in the forests.

And even if the harvest is small, we advise you to immediately prepare several delicious quick dishes with mushrooms.

Chanterelle soup under a cap of dough instead of a whole dinner

Perhaps, mushroom soup is the most traditional and fast summer dish. The simpler the better; caps of boletus or (and) porcini mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes — and please, the simplest transparent soup, fragrant and tasty before stupor. However, with white and boletus it is difficult to spoil something.

But from chanterelles, butter, honey agaric and other babies without a pronounced taste, it is better to make a cream soup (see recipe here).

Chanterelle Soup with Dough

Although, on the other hand, mushrooms and without any accompaniment are good.

See how you can make an elementary soup: fry chopped mushrooms with onions in butter, cover with vegetable broth, boil until cooked, then puree, add a little cream or milk, salt and warm slightly.

And fry the pieces of white bread under the grill and serve them to the soup.

Chanterelles and mushrooms with chicken in a nest of puff pastry for snacking

The most tasty and simple is to fry mushrooms with onions and sour cream. Russula, boletus, honey agaric, chanterelles, white and brown cap boletus — choose what you like best. Or what was found.

If the mushrooms stewed with sour cream for some incredible reason remained undernourished, then it is their place in the test.

Cook nice to the eye and mouth Valovany with chicken and mushrooms.

Loved with chicken and mushrooms

Remember, we mentioned the cap of porcini mushrooms and boletus above?

Their legs are best left for the cake.

Chanterelles and champignons will also do well.

The easiest and fastest pie is made from ready-made puff pastry (see the recipes here).

Open pie with mushrooms

Only mushroom risotto can be more tasty than mushroom pie.

It must be cooked with fragrant and strong mushrooms; Chanterelles, boletus, white.

Concerning technology, she is the most common.

Buckwheat with mushrooms — almost risotto, but even better and more affordable

Do not forget about buckwheat. Buckwheat with mushrooms is a real classic of the genre. Everything is simple: grill buckwheat in a dry frying pan, cover it with water and boil until tender.

Fry the mushrooms with onions and add to buckwheat, as a result, get ala mushroom risotto.

Mushroom risotto

Cupcakes with chanterelles and dried apricots — the original dish for breakfast or snack

The obvious breakfast solution is scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs (in our case, with mushrooms). For example, scrambled eggs in Italian, known as friatta.

Fry the sliced ​​mushrooms in a pan, in olive oil, add to them two sliced ​​tomatoes, season with freshly ground black pepper, add thyme leaves. Break two or three eggs on top, salt. Cover the pan with a lid.

As soon as the egg white grabs, pry the scrambled eggs with a wide blade and turn it over to the other side.

Fry for another couple of minutes — and serve.

If there are very few mushrooms, and you want both soup and pie, use the caps to make the first one, and chop the legs, fry and make them chanterelle and dried apricots — also not bad to start the morning.

Chanterelle and dried apricots

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